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Most Small Office / Home Office (SOHO’s) Entrepreneurs or Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB’s) Owners we talk to find Twitter to be a little challenging and we don’t blame them. Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy for your business does have its advantages especially if your target audience is on Twitter. Twitter can be a “STRONG” investment in you, your business and your SUCCESS!

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Check out these 6 links (below) to Twitter’s “How To’s” of Twitter Marketing:

  1. Getting Started with Twitter
  2. Finding People on Twitter and how to reach them
  3. Twitter analytics
  4. Using Twitter Alerts
  5. Increase Your Twitter Reach
  6. Using Twitter with Facebook

Now Let’s discuss the “Why To’s” of Twitter Marketing
With over 500 million current users, and an average of 5,000+ new people joining every day, Twitter has the potential of being an invaluable social media platform for your business. That all by itself is a pretty strong “Why To“.
The folks at DigitalSherpa posted the following compelling stats (more “Why To’s“):

    1. Companies that use Twitter average 2x more leads than those who don’t.
    2. Twitter receives 600 million search queries a day.
    3. 75% of users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter.
    4. 42% of companies that use Twitter for marketing have acquired a customer through it.
    5. Companies with 1,000+ Twitter followers get 6 times more website traffic than those who don’t.
    6. 42% Of Twitter users use the Social Media network to research products and services.

We’re HUGE fans of using social media as research tools. Remember our post on Google Alerts? We can’t wait to share our LinkedIn post with you!

Twitter is a communication tool (a micro blog platform) where people share thoughts, articles and messages 140 characters at a time. The platform lets you follow people who interest you, and lets others follow you to receive your Tweets.

You can tweet on just about anything, and can include photos, videos from YouTube and links to anything you’d like to share. Using Twitter strategically can help raise awareness, visibility and improve your business. Twitter is growing in popularity everyday as more folks embrace this platform and grow comfortable with its use in their daily lives. More and more businesses are finding Twitter a valuable tool in reaching their target audience in real time.

To leverage Twitter as a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool for your business, you need to understand Twitter and how it works. With only 140 characters in a tweet, your message in the tweet has to be short and sweet yet enough to attract the attention of your followers. Due to this constraint, adding a link to your tweet can help you solve this problem.

Creating a presence in Twitter will require hard work and constant effort (sorry, but anything worth doing is – RIGHT?). Being active in updating the tweets so that your followers will constantly have things to read. This will also allow them to know more about your products and services that are offered by your company. Try to take part in discussions that are related to your business. In this way, you can slowly build up your trust and reputation for your company.

If you’re ready to explore a Twitter Marketing Campaign for your business fill out our “Strategy Session Request” form. You can always give us a call (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at

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