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Facebook Ads for Contractors

Musselwhite Marketing Facebook Ads for Contractors

Contractor marketing normally seeks to solve one major business goal…generating regular “warm” leads who are likely to convert. 

Understanding this intention is good, but figuring out how best to accomplish it can sometimes create more questions than answers.

That’s why we want to share one validated way to accomplish that goal which is both cost effective and powerful.

Behind door number one (insert gameshow memory here) we present a tool from our own marketing toolbox that we use to win business. 

Facebook Ads for contractors help you:

  • Reach those likely to be interested in your services
  • Steer them away from your competition

Advertising on this platform is rather uncomplicated, but it still helps to have a digital marketing expert who understands more of the technical aspects and can assist with set up.

Not sure if your prospects are on Facebook or other social media platforms or not? Check out what our friends at InfinityDish published about  how the average user spends her/his time online.

Being able to focus on the bigger picture during a campaign allows you to notice positive trends and adjust ad spend accordingly.

What should your ads accomplish when it comes to attention deficient scrollers on Facebook?

  1. Be relevant
  2. Catch their attention 

After all, most social media users aren’t thinking, “Man…I’d really love to see an ad right now!”

At Musselwhite Marketing, we understand social media behavior intimately and have the ability to change that thought into, “Man…I had no idea I needed this contractor’s help until now!”

There’s a reason we are  confident that our digital marketing process works.

We took a contractor client from the perilous edge of bankruptcy  to $5,000,000!  Read our entire case study for some justification on why we’re the natural choice for your business.

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Why Facebook Ads are Important for Contractors

The purpose of a Facebook Business page is to let searchers know you exist and drive them to your website.  

Once there, the likelihood of a conversion escalates.

Ads accelerate this process and tremendously increase conversion rates.  Prospects who click on your ad are basically “raising their hand” for your contracting services.

Here’s a suggestion…

Combine quality ads with testimonial posts to relay the quality and value for the money they’ll spend on an offer.

Besides aiding lead generation, there are two reasons contractor Facebook ads are vital.  

  1. Organic Facebook reach continues to decline
  2. Proven retargeting results 

What’s the result of the Facebook algorithm continuing to make it more difficult for social media marketers to reach people organically?  Fewer shares, comments, and clicks!

“Boosting” posts and creating ads will make the folks at Facebook happy, and more importantly, increase:

  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Conversions 

Did you know that only 2% of traffic to a website is converted on the initial visit?  That remaining 98% can be drawn back via Facebook Remarketing.  

Similar to how Google currently operates, a pixel allows ads to “follow” website visitors to Facebook.  

And seeing as how the average user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes daily inside the platform…you have plenty of time to make a great second impression!

By now, you are surely realizing Facebook Ads can advance your marketing strategy.  If that describes you, see why others have chosen to use our expert services!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Ads for contractors

Everyone can picture a particularly memorable ad that was creative enough to stick to their brain.  How can you position your contractor advertisement to inhabit that spot?

Countless ways exist to increase the number of people who will see and click on your ad.  But we wanted to give you 3 types to get those gears in your brain turning.

  1. Lead generation ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Traffic ads

When prospects click on a lead generation ad, their information is automatically pulled from Facebook.  Use these for prospects to request a quote or to get information about your services.

Video ads actually cost a lot less than other types as they are per view, not per click.  Use these if your objective is brand awareness.

If you have a specific service you want to promote, traffic ads are a great idea.  These send people directly to your contractor website and the dedicated service page you have.

With all types of ads, ensure you have forms on your site that captures visitors from Facebook once they get there.  That way contacting you is simple!  

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’ll give you a solid foundation in leveraging the power of advertising to grow your contracting business.  

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content from friends and family before it’ll show your organic post.  That’s why paid advertising is a must for your contracting business!

Fundamental to seeing a positive return is selecting the right objective and designing the right ad.  

The steps are:

  1. Select type of ad
  2. Choose a conversion objective
  3. Create an ad set
  4. Design the ad
  5. Track the performance
  6. Review analytics
  7. Make edits and updates

Say you want to focus on conversions, the best ad type to select will be “get more website visitors.”

Next, you can select from the following conversion objectives:

  • Opt-ins to build your list
  • Opt-ins to generate leads
  • Downloads of a lead magnet

In the third step, you determine the target audience via demographics (income level) or psychographics (interests).

Now it’s time to design that soon to be award winning ad!  We have a blog that shows the full anatomy of a Facebook conversion ad.

Lastly, jump into Facebook Ads Reporting to view the results of your campaign.  

Every contractor wants to create a high converting ad that inundates their inbox with prospects.  Great problem to have right?  

But before starting down that path,  it’s worth considering common mistakes that you should AVOID with Facebook Ads.

After all, we want you to start getting the results you deserve with highly effective ads today…not at some undetermined point in the future.

Without further adieu, they are:

  1. Targeting people who aren’t already fans
  2. Using untested images
  3. Forgetting to segment

Qualified leads already exist, namely those who’ve already made the effort to click that “Follow” button on your contractor page.  

Focusing on them:

  • Nurtures leads
  • Encourages repeat business
  • Drives followers to connect 

Testing multiple ad images to see what gets the most clicks is worthwhile as the right image can make an ad.  And not doing so has the potential to break it.

It’s rare for a “one size fits all” advertisement to effectively appeal to every follower.  Think about the various segments of your target audience, what would speak to their specific pain points?

Now that you know what NOT TO DO, you’re ready to create high performing ads!

When we talk with contractors, many are surprised to hear that their target audience uses Facebook almost like a search engine.

Of course Google is the current king, but users do visit Facebook Business pages and then go directly to the website of a contractor who jumps out at them.

With that in mind, we want to share 5 ways to use this knowledge to your advantage.

  1. Optimize your profile
  2. Build an audience
  3. Craft relevant content
  4. Leverage Facebook Ads
  5. Track your performance

Ensure all your contact information is up to date, and that the branding is consistent with your contractor website.  People should experience a streamlined user experience hopping between the two.

Prior to reaching out to new clients, ask all current and previous clients to follow your Facebook page.  This can be done in an email or via direct invites inside of the platform.  

In terms of the content you share, education should be placed above promotion.  Grow curiosity around upcoming projects and partnerships, share an article on industry trends, etc.

Facebook advertising for contractors is typically more affordable than on other social networking sites, so it’s worth making a part of your overall marketing budget.

As you test different posting times and types of content, pay attention to engagement from users.  3rd party tools such as Hootsuite have regular blogs that offer valuable social media insights as well.  

And if you take advantage of their paid plan, you can get detailed reports that will make adjusting your marketing strategy that much easier. 

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