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There are lots of ways to market your insurance agency, but using SEO (search engine optimization) to rank highly against competitors in search engines like Google is one of the most powerful, highest ROI ways to bring in more leads so that you can make more sales.

So what is SEO, why is it important, and how does it work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to get targeted traffic by ranking in search engines. The higher your website ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for your target key phrases, the more visits to your website.

Studies show the majority of searchers tend to click on one of the first three search results on the page, so the higher you are on the search results page the better. Don’t even think about page two as being good enough! There’s a joke in the SEO world that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google (yeah, we know, it’s not that funny).

For an optimal experience for your site visitors, we offer SEO services specifically for insurance agencies.  We specialize in increasing the visibility of your agency on Google and other search engines to drive revenue and customer retention.  

One important thing to note here, SEO takes time. On average it may take 6-months or more to see the benefits of SEO (we often compliment SEO with an online ad strategy during this time).

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How We do SEO for Insurance Agencies

Within the first 30-days we conduct an SEO audit, optimizing priority pages and reviewing any technical issues we find. Once complete, we shift our focus to content development and link-building.

Search engine optimization for insurance agencies starts by completing keyword research. In other words, we want to find the best word (or words) with the least amount of competition.

Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into Google. Keyword research allows us to find popular keywords related to your products and services that can attract your perfect prospects.

content is king

We look for keywords that will send targeted traffic to your site and also have enough search volume to be worth your efforts.

Next we create and optimize your content! We start by reviewing the content already on your site and ways that we can improve (increase rankings) this content. At the same time, we are looking for missing content (content that should be on your site) and then create content (pages and blogs) that is of higher quality than what is currently ranking. It should be no surprise higher quality content attracts more people, receives more links, and increases chances of ranking your pages higher in the search engines. There is more that goes into creating and optimizing content but we will save you from the boring technical requirements. If you interested in a deeper dive, give us a call (951.291.1774), we like talking shop.

Once your agency website’s content has been created and optimized, we turn our attention and activities to promotion and link building. All else being equal, the website with the most backlinks wins. Other factors exist but this (currently) is one of the strongest signals to search engines. There isn’t a magic number of backlinks, simply put, more is better. Back linking is a job all unto itself requiring constant vigilance in keeping them up to date (back links break) and healthy.

While content and backlinks are uber important, the number one metric (in our opinion) is your user experience

Your website MUST be easy to use with intuitive navigation so that people can quickly find the content they are looking for. Your website MUST load quickly and look right whether on a desktop (yep, those dinosaurs aren’t extinct yet – lol), laptop or smartphone. If your site is slow and searchers or users have a hard time navigating they will become frustrated causing them to leave, which can hurt your website rankings.  

There’s more that goes into insurance agency search engine optimization and we hope this cursory overview was at least helpful.

keyword research

Why SEO Is Important for Insurance Agencies

First and foremost, it’s important to answer the question, what is SEO?

Different from paid traffic which involves advertising expenditures, its goal is to increase organic traffic through online visibility.  Organic traffic basically means a person visits your website without you having to pay for it.  

It focuses on two parts, the quantity and quality of traffic to your insurance website for eventual conversion into a paying customer.  Of these, quality is initially the most important until you get some momentum and then quantity starts paying higher dividends.  

You want customers who are genuinely interested in your service, and SEO for insurance agencies is what will deliver this in a “basket with a nice bow on top.” 

Insurance marketing is an area of personal and professional expertise for us as we spent years in the industry with MetLife, and later through our marketing work with insurance clients.

How much Does SEO Cost for Insurance Agencies?

It is our opinion, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice which is why we require a complimentary SEO analysis before providing a quote. 

Over the years we’ve learned no two insurance agencies are exactly alike. One size does NOT fit all and that it is not good enough to offer an off the shelf service. We tailor our plans to our clients’ needs and budgets. 

Because a cost is simply an expenditure of money, time, or resources and an investment is an expenditure that has a strong possibility of a return, we believe SEO should be thought of as an investment not a cost.

seo investment

Before we can provide a quote for our SEO service we require a complimentary analysis to determine: 

  1. How big is your website? 
  2. How many pages need optimization?
  3. How much content creation and optimization is needed?
  4. How many technical issues need to be fixed?
  5. Does your agency have multiple locations requiring business profile listing setup or edits?
  6. How many backlinks does your website have currently?
  7. How many backlinks does your top competitor’s websites have currently?
  8. How strong is the competition (rank)?
Having said that, if you are looking for budgetary pricing for your insurance agencies SEO, we suggest an SEO budget starting at $1,000/month. We understand, however, that not all insurance agencies have SEO budgets in the thousands of dollars. 

At reduced fees, we have fewer hours to invest in the work, so we execute our strategy at a reduced speed and with a reduced scope of work. In practice, this means it may take us an additional month or so to complete the initial optimization of some priority pages, and we’ll develop less content per month and build fewer links per month on an ongoing basis.

It is our opinion, SEO is one of the best marketing investments you can make — and the faster you begin, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards. So, even if you only have a limited budget to start, it’s always better to get started rather than putting it off.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Agency SEO

If you don’t show up in the top one or two spots when a prospect searches for “insurance companies near me” for example, you can expect a lot less calls than those that do.

There are a number of quality reasons to invest in optimizing content that you put out on your website, but we’ll provide you with three here:

  • Traffic that is FREE and high-quality
  • Less competition for improving your rankings
  • 3 out of 4 people use Google to search businesses

When visitors come to your site, the page load speed and ease of navigation are two areas that will make a difference in the overall digital experience.  Another best practice is making sure it’s mobile friendly, and optimized for voice search.  

Finally, Google is placing a high emphasis on site security through HTTPS protocol.  SEO for insurance agency success can be boosted through these methods.

Whereas many insurance websites narrowly focus on current clients, you have the opportunity to transform it into a lead generating machine that churns them out 24/7.  

There is a way to quickly establish yourself as the resident expert in the eyes of visitors to your site, and “supercharge” the content that you put out to ensure it’s informative and engaging enough to draw people away from competitor sites to your own.   

It’s done through:

  • Incorporating keyword research
  • Website optimization
  • Content creation

If all your site does is provide information, acquiring new business will be extremely difficult.  Insurance agency SEO strikes the perfect blend of the two to increase your bottom line.

You may be the digital mayor of your community, but online shopping habits of potential clients may still be beyond you.  This is where a professional marketer can help with the ongoing process that SEO is.  

As habits of consumers change, keywords that attract them do as well.  Additionally, Google continually changes its algorithm, and a dedicated team can update your content and website to stay current.   

Whether it’s on the page itself or on the backend in the more technical side of optimization, you’ll want pros who can keep up with everything to ensure your traffic doesn’t drop off.

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