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Google Ads for Insurance Agencies

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Are you capturing all the leads you want via your marketing efforts?

Are your incoming leads making it difficult to keep up with prospect demand?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, we commend you for being on top of your game.  But for those who answered ‘no’ to one or both, there’s no reason to be down on yourself.  In fact, get excited because you’re about to get a crash course in achievable growth at your agency that will make you the toast of the town!

The beauty of insurance marketing is that with the right team and determination, you can get the most value out of your advertising expenditures and draw real business to your doors…even if you don’t have a physical location. 

Online ads for insurance are one of our many capabilities offered to agents that want to garner more traffic to their website, and ultimately acquire new customers.

Why Google Ads Is Important for Insurance Agencies?

“I am the great and terrible Oz, who are you and why do you seek me?”

Google may not have a big green face, but there’s no question they’re the undisputed leader among search engines.  As Facebook makes it more difficult for businesses to earn organic (unpaid) traffic, it has only highlighted the desirability of running ads on the #1 search engine for the internet. You may also consider paid social campaigns and using Facebook ads as another way to reach your target audience.

What are Google Ads for insurance?

According to the company, they are the advertising solution for businesses to promote their services and products online via their popular search platform.

A nice feature they offer is the ability for advertisers to choose specific goals for ads, making it easier to relay the return on investment to a client.  

Showing up first when a prospect enters a keyword such as “insurance agency near me” is extremely valuable, especially considering almost 90% of desktop searches are made using Google!


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Because we came from the insurance industry, we completely understand the day to day issues that create headaches and frustration.  The confidence behind this statement comes from our years of experience working with MetLife as a top earning insurance practice.  Adding that to our marketing expertise creates a unique potential for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Google Ads (PPC)

One pro in favor of Google Ads when comparing the two is the vast amount of ways to use them in streamlining your insurance marketing strategy. Additionally, mastering this advertising platform has the potential to attract thousands of new customers who are unaware of your agency.

Facebook Ads work much better than organic advertising within the social networking site, but there’s a diminished buyer’s intent on the part of those who will have them displayed on their feeds.  Although people also use Google for informational purposes, a higher percentage of people search with an intentional focus on purchasing.

Another pro for Google is “smart bidding” which allows ads to be optimized for a greater impact and keeps you in control of your advertising dollars!  The keyword planner tool should always be the first stop in this process. 

What it allows:

  • Identify pertinent keywords for targeting
  • Receive suggested bids from Google to rank

For insurance agencies that earn a high quality score and click-through rate on their historical performance with ads, there’s also a perk of paying less to reach the top of search results.    

Because this channel requires ongoing effort to get the most out of your advertising budget, it’s worth investing in outside help from a marketing agency to assist in the campaign creation, daily management, and weekly maintenance.  

Investing to show up at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) increases the chances that prospects will make their first click the one that drives them to your website or landing page.  

In addition, visitors from these ads are more likely to become part of your sales funnel as the keywords you selected drove them to you.  

Allowing Google to do the research on what keywords people are searching for frees you up to focus on the messaging that will convert.  Audience insights further assist in your targeting efforts.

A great ad will:

  • Have a strong headline including terms relevant to keywords, promotions, brand names, and competitive qualites. Because headlines have limited character sections, it is best to test out combinations to see what converts the best.

  • Contain a brief and impactful description to give more information about the product & services offered. Descriptions should be used to communicate why the ad is relevant to search queries and how the company solves their need. Brands can add in styles, features, years in business, tag lines, and more to illustrate credibility. Strong descriptions should always end in a call to action (ie, Shop Now, Learn More, Contact Us Today). 

  • Lead to a relevant landing page because home pages and blog posts give users too many options without a clear focus on the solution and call to action. When users are searching you want them to take an action – typically become a lead or make a purchase. A good landing page should be relevant to the keyword they searched for, provide a solution, and be focused on one action. Any additional additional action (ie, click, scroll) a user has to take to complete the desired action drops conversion rates significantly.

When leveraged with remarketing, PPC advertising reaches large audiences and creates a more significant pool of prospects for you to work with.  

One final note…don’t believe the hype that ads don’t work.  Those searching for insurance click on them a lot if they offer the solutions they need.

Who doesn’t like being in charge of their ad investment?  

With the ability to set a monthly cap or stop it anytime, Google Ads are great for insurance agents regardless of who actually handles the campaigns.  

Flexibility is a trait we believe sets it apart from its competitors like Facebook Ads.  What you put in during the set up and targeting steps will allow you to reap measurable dividends.  

Learning from previous campaigns, increasing returns are possible and attainable when a professional handles the leg work, which can be a bit tedious for busy insurance agents.

Other benefits:

  • Get estimated results depending on your expenditure 
  • Easily adjust your budget around holidays and other major events
  • Reports and insights allow performance tracking
  • Only pay when someone clicks on the ad itself
  • Google’s smart technology makes your dollar go further

Because Google is the undisputed expert in PPC, they offer extensive resources for selecting a bid strategy based on established goals.  Whether it’s increasing awareness around your agency, generating website traffic, or prompting action on your site, their tips remove much of the guesswork.  

Odds are, boosting your online presence and bringing in new prospects is a major priority for your insurance agency.  Standing out in such a dense industry can be difficult without a measured approach.

Your agency website could be compared to a command center, with Google Ads being the circuit for feeding prospect traffic into it.  This actionable information allows you to plan your “attack,” quickening the scaling process as you seek to branch out with new services or locations.      

A couple other reasons to take advantage of this channel:

  • Google Ads help you better define your niche 
  • Online positioning in areas that matter to your business
  • Marketing campaigns will be more efficient and successful
  • More calls and quote requests from interested parties

Professionally written messaging and pertinent imaging, supplanted with expertise in consumer behavior, adds value to your ad buy.  That’s why professional marketers with experience in PPC advertising are worth checking into.  

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