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Musselwhite Marketing | Insurance Agencies Video Marketing Services

Video marketing can be an extremely effective tool to help your insurance agency.  It accomplishes this by:

  • Originating brand awareness 
  • Multiplying exclusive leads
  • Finalizing more sales

If you haven’t yet leveraged Video as one of your advertising mediums, now is the time to act!

We’ll give you 3 reasons to make this a part of your marketing strategy, but be aware that it only constitutes a small list of total benefits:

1. Video Marketing is Cheap

You don’t need a production crew to create great content.  Just ask any of those who’ve become famous and well compensated by recording low budget YouTube videos. 

Your SmartPhone will record video that’s sufficient for the web. And decent video camera, tripod, and microphone equipment is available to you for under $200 if you’re seeking “production level” quality.

2. Video Marketing is Easy

Professional software isn’t required for editing purposes. Most desktop computers or tablets contain video editing software that is rather straightforward.

3. Video marketing is Necessary

Video displays the value of buying from your agency to possible clients and customers better than anything else, hands down.

Regardless if you crave the spotlight, or prefer to operate from the background, you (especially with that awesome smile) are the reason clients chose you in the first place.

Of course there were other factors that contributed to the decision to become a client, but your personality played a major role in them pulling out their wallets.

And here’s the good news, the more you get in front of the camera the more natural it’ll feel, plus your video quality will improve.  And when that happens…expect your conversions to increase!

Insurance video marketing just plain works…keep reading for more proof!

Why Video Marketing is Important for Insurance Agencies

There’s no denying video’s effectiveness in attracting and informing viewers. In fact, according to Brainshark, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. 

That’s why, for agency owners, it’s critical that you pay attention to this medium as a way for you to attract, engage and retain clients.

YouTube, which was purchased by Google in 2006, continues to be one of the major platforms for insurance video marketing.  But there are others.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms are also viable funnels for this content to be consumed and shared.  Some others:

  • Pinterest
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
Musselwhite Marketing Insurance Video Marketing

You may have a general idea, but do you know for sure where the potential clients you want to attract spend most of their time online?

If you answered “no” this question, there is help available so have no fear (striking our best Superman pose).  

Increasing the reach and visibility of your insurance videos is a pursuit that stands to benefit from an experienced hand.  Why?

There are certain “tricks of the trade” that optimize each video and increase the likelihood of attracting those with the highest buyers intent.  It goes without saying that these are the folks you want to get in front of.

In addition, expert digital marketers understand and incorporate current video trends in:

  • Behavior
  • Usage
  • Engagement
  • ROI

Testimonial videos offer a level of social proof that is hard to duplicate, but they can take time to coordinate, film, and edit.  Here at Musselwhite Marketing we take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders, while still giving you credit for each “repetition.”  

Sorry, that’s a fancy way of saying we make the testimonials drive interested parties to your office via an email, form filled out, or phone call.

See what people are saying about our proficiency with video marketing!


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There is an untapped prospect base out there on the internet, and content is how you’ll bring them “in the door.”  To learn more and find out if we’re the right fit, schedule a free discovery session.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Marketing

Google is highly tuned to what searchers desire when consuming content from businesses.  There are a host of factors that their algorithm considers when elevating someone to the coveted 1st page of results.  

But helpful video content can fast track your ranking improvement, and supercharge your SEO efforts.  Besides where you show up on Google, what are other reasons to invest resources?

  1. Videos are continuing to receive higher percentages of online traffic
  2. Informational videos are the most popular type on YouTube

The term “expert” is becoming overused, and it’s being replaced by “thought leader.”  Especially online, trust and respect are given more quickly to the insurance agent who leads conversations.  Who wouldn’t want to be that man or woman?

Other benefits:

  • Can have a “high production” look without overspending
  • Increase client retention rates with a personal touch
  • Leverage a single video across countless mediums

Prospective insurance clients can learn more about you from a 30 second video than from reading the 500 word About Me page on your website.  Why is this important?

The relationship centric agency you run IS different than the rest.  Relaying your personality, know-how, and friendliness via consumable video content makes sure people SEE that difference.

According to Hubspot, 97% of marketers say video helps increase user understanding.  And being able to clearly state the value of insurance services ultimately influences buying decisions.  

That’s a huge advantage but there are so many more!

  • Higher revenue gains
  • More website traffic
  • Acquire valuable backlinks
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Impact decision makers
  • Greater shareability

Research from the Aberdeen Group found video users convert at a 34% higher rate.  That statistic is only important if you care about that sort of thing (hint hint you should).  

Many business executives watch and share work-related videos each week, if they find them insightful or meaningful.  And they are increasingly displaying a preference for viewable content, over reading text on the same topic.

Getting in front of the people with the means to purchase should always be a top goal!

And finally, social video is shared more than images and text combined.  Shares almost fall into the categories of referrals and word of mouth marketing, as it’s more likely to be consumed if a friend or other trustworthy person sends it.  

We could go on and on about the advantages of this content marketing component, but suffice it to say, they far outweigh any disadvantages!   

Each and every day, there are people looking to the internet for answers on their insurance related questions.  But what type of questions are they asking and how can you direct these same people to your website or YouTube page?

A great (free) tool we’ve found helpful for our digital marketing agency is Answer The Public.  It categorizes questions related to well…just about everything imaginable.

As an example, I typed in “insurance” and got the following results:

  • 80 questions
  • 56 prepositions
  • 40 comparisons 

Clicking on any of the above within the site itself takes you directly to the search engine results page (SERP) in Google.  Why is this important?

It doesn’t make sense to devote hours to researching, writing a script, and filming a video that doesn’t answer the insurance questions people are actually asking.  This presents an opportunity.

Positioning yourself as the industry authority saves them from having to seek out the answers elsewhere.  Odds are, they’ll appreciate that fact and use the extra time to listen to what you have to say.

And by the way, these FAQ videos don’t have to cost your hundreds of dollars.  A couple swipes within your smartphone to activate its video function will suffice.

Leads will start to trickle in as you put out more relevant and authoritative content, and hopefully eventually build up to a flood…the good kind!

Anytime a good storyteller opens their mouth or picks up their pen, people pay attention.  Insurance agencies that incorporate this timeless skill effectively can outpace the rest.


Stories make better marketing because they:

  • Simplify complex information 
  • Influence who people trust
  • Play on nostalgic feelings

And one amazing way to tell a story is with an agency video.  Your overall content strategy stands to benefit from these bite sized chunks of memorable pieces.

Now, they’re only memorable if they are able to evoke emotion.  Get feedback from staff or your peers on your video script ideas.  Be open to feedback, and really listen when it’s presented.

Maybe they know someone experiencing the pain point that your message seeks to remedy.  How would they respond to what you have to say?

Try to:

  1. Communicate your agency brand in less than 3 minutes
  2. Use clever ways to sprinkle in persuasive language
  3. Put your personality on display!

In an attention deficit driven marketplace, this may be your one and only opportunity to catch their eye (and hopefully their wallet).

But you may be saying to yourself, “I’m not Ernest Hemingway…why would people tune in to hear what I have to say?”

Just because you don’t have a degree in English, this shouldn’t stop you from putting down on paper what sets you apart from other insurance agencies.  After all, you know it best because you’re living it!

If you’re still experiencing writer’s block, invest in our professional video script content writers.  We’ll discover what’s unique about your agency and relay that in a fun and engaging way.

After all, at the end of the day you want your insurance services to be unforgettable!

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