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Social Media for Insurance Agencies

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Expertise in a particular niche of marketing isn’t something that you’d call “low hanging fruit.”  It requires studying the tree for the most efficient and effective way to reach the juiciest and best tasting fruit at the top.  Incorporating platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into our own marketing strategy, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our team at Musselwhite Marketing is continually staying up on trending topics and tips within all social media platforms to keep our marketing saw sharpened.  The processes and strategies we’ve successfully implemented internally and with other agencies prove to be effective and may be the same ones we’ll use for your insurance agency social media.

Why Social Media Is Important for Insurance Agencies

If you’ve been operating in the insurance industry over the last decade, you’ll most likely already be aware that what used to be viewed as simply a place to share pictures has increasingly grown in importance and become a part of every business budget. 

That fact isn’t debateable, but the tough part is learning how to market insurance on social media.  If you do it successfully you can expect to reap the rewards available to you.  But odds are you’d rather spend your precious resource (time) on following up with leads and growing your agency.  

An outside social media agency to the rescue!  Why should you go this route?  

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Some benefits are:

  • Gain more followers
  • Increased engagement
  • Expertise & outside perspective 
  • Clear reporting on ROI
  • Frees up time for lead generation & client nurturing
  • Social media goals and strategy 

Social media for insurance agencies contains within it untapped potential to drive revenue, give your business a “cool” factor, and deliver regular leads that are already “warmed up.”


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Other social media service offerings:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Agency Social Media

Whether it’s organic or paid social media (Ads), the right fit will have ideas on how to promote and will customize your social media posts specifically for you and your agency.  Here you’re looking for quality and professionalism that aligns well with your insurance agency branding.  If they have experience in your industry that’ll be a big plus, which you can discover by visiting their website or jumping on a discovery phone call.   

Coming in, you should have an idea of:

  • The available budget
  • Defined scope 
  • Suggested timeline
  • What results will define success  

A note for organic, or unpaid, social media campaigns (Ads), results will be a bit harder to measure but still definable by a true professional.

A good digital marketing agency will suggest a meeting to introduce you to the person(s) who handles their social media.  This allows you to get a feel for their background, experience, and character, all important things.  A single expert with the proper resources is the model that insurance agencies large and small are finding success in when seeking to acquire leads.     

You’ll want to bring on a team that is on the pulse of industry changes, utilizing the best tools and methods to help your business grow.  During your early communication with them, they should be asking good questions to familiarize themselves with your overall digital marketing goals.

Ask about the platforms they’d recommend for your insurance agency.  You may already have an idea of your target audience, but even if you don’t, a savvy social media manager will perform research to determine the best platforms to reach them on.  

For example, say they discover Instagram and Facebook are the top two social media platforms that your desired customer is hanging out on.  As an expert in the proper language and tone to use, they will craft messaging and images to have the greatest appeal and impact on those who may be searching for their next insurance provider.

A better question may be, what do you WANT it to do?  If you can think up even an unorthodox way to leverage social media for your insurance company, the odds are a social media agency can get it done.

Despite this open-ended flexibility, paid social and social media management are the most common solutions offered by an outside agency.  They can also manage your community, deliver analytics and ROI analysis, develop content, and develop/implement your social media strategy.    

There are four things that set them apart from keeping this work within your internal team:

  1. Access to top level tools
  2. Unmatched level of expertise
  3. Ability to juggle multiple campaigns at once
  4. Elevate the social skills and vocabulary of yourself and team

One of the major obstacles to overcome in the insurance industry is being able to engage with a willing audience that may already be skeptical of insurance providers.  People don’t do business with an agency, people do business with people.  

Those folks on the other side of their desktop, smartphone, or portable personal computer want to know they’re working with somebody who understands their pain points and can offer solutions.  

You’ve found success in the insurance industry because your agency revolves around one word…relationship.  So the only question to focus on now is, “how do I relay that fact to my potential customers?”

Tips to make your content resonate with prospects:

  • Deliver helpful, educational, or informative content
    • Avoid “salesy” language and heavy self-promotion

  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn
    • Generate mindshare

  • Be transparent with your reviews
    • Shape consumer behavior

  • Respond to feedback
    • Boost the customer experience

  • Highlight testimonials
    • Humanize your insurance brand

  • Track ROI
    • Go beyond simply Likes & Follows 

This form of marketing continues to grow in popularity in the insurance industry, and those who neglect it for more traditional means must play catch up.

Prospective customers ARE looking for you across their favorite social media platforms, so you want not only to have a presence, but also to be actively engaged.  Doing so will yield positive results for your agency and bring people “in the door.”

In 2020, advertisers were expected to spend over 43 billion on social media advertising in the United States.  When you add in all the man hours devoted towards organic (unpaid) social media as well, the resources devoted to these online platforms represents a significant amount of the total marketing dollars spent by businesses.  

Trusting outside experts in this area of your insurance agency will only be a fraction of what it’d cost to hire a dedicated internal social media manager.  It is true that signing up for a business page on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is free, but how do you put a dollar amount on all the monitoring across social media that you’ll have to devote precious hours to?

Additionally, a poorly executed social media campaign led by someone lacking experience and knowledge can cost your insurance agency significantly.  It’s like closing your eyes and throwing a dart at the board, expecting a bullseye.  

The cost will vary depending on such factors as:

  • Number of social networks you’ll use
  • If your posts go out daily or weekly
  • Custom graphics
  • Content creation
  • Monthly advertising spend (only for paid ads) 
  • And other factors after your initial brainstorm session

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