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Viewing contractor marketing from a bird’s eye view, lead generation is the vein that runs through each part of the overall “body.”  

Whether it’s email, blogs, or other content, our clients all want to see increased leads from their marketing efforts.  But where does social media for contractors factor into this?   

What it does well:

  1. Raises awareness
  2. Drives traffic

These two results qualify prospects without you picking up a phone, and deliver those with serious buyers interest to your website.  Coupled with its cost effectiveness, it’s a bit of a mystery why 100% of the industry isn’t already investing in it.

According to a report from JB Knowledge, 38.2% of contractors cite “lack of staff to support the technology” as a primary limiting factor to adopting new technology.

This sheds some light into the “why” of our mystery, and we have the perfect solution if you’re interested (hint hint you should be).  Drum roll please…

For over a decade we’ve been running our own marketing agency and using social media to help contractors overcome their marketing challenges.

Consider us your “support group” and don’t let a lack of staff get in the way of becoming the market leader you’ve daydreamed of becoming.

Why are we so confident our process works?

Read our case study of how we took a contractor client from bankrupt to $5,000,000.  After all, they say “the proof is in the guacamole”…or however the saying goes.

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Why Social Media Is Important for Contractors

Regardless of the current market conditions, social media marketing for contractors separates the competitors for top prospects from the rest.

Nobody gets into business hoping to just “have a good run and call it a day.”  Without yet talking to you, we can still safely assume you want to exceed even your own company expectations.

From its humble beginnings as a way to connect with friends and family, platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube have grown into giants that can shift the needle for contractors.

The social media pillar of digital marketing is enjoying increased adoption among the industry.  Revenue and opportunities to increase market share will remain on the table for those that choose to ignore its potential. 

Does social media marketing work in the contractor industry?  And why should you embrace it with open arms?


  • Growing Traffic
  • Branding
  • Client Insights
  • Building Communities

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each of these…

We’ve seen firsthand how maintaining a social media presence increases website traffic.  It’s something we incorporate into our overall marketing strategy because it just plain works.

Raising awareness around your brand and engaging directly with current and prospective clients can make you a thought leader and expert in your local area. 

Brand advocates who had a wonderful experience with your contracting business can  supercharge their word of mouth marketing via the social platforms they frequent.

And finally, competitor research via their pages and instant feedback helps you glean insightful data to strategically position your brand.

Here at Musselwhite Marketing, we have a solid track record of using social media successfully for our clients.  Read what some of them have said about our expertise!

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Get Started With Musselwhite Marketing

By now you’ve surely seen the benefit but might be at a crossroads on how to choose a social media agency.  

As a social media company for contractors, we apply the same proven techniques that have helped other contractors succeed with digital marketing.  To learn more and find out if we’re the right fit, schedule a free discovery session.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media for Contractors

How can you win more business and maintain a consistent following?

The answer lies in leveraging the great content you already have stored on your desktop, smartphone, or other data processor.

We wanted to provide a few ideas of what to share to get you started, but we’re sure you can think of more.  After all, you’re the expert on what resonates within the walls of your specific trade.

They are:

  1. Project progression or Before and After photos
  2. Trends and news from your industry
  3. Behind the scenes look
  4. Testimonials

Witnessing a time lapse over the lifespan of a project creates a sense of awe and wonder.  Additionally, it shines a spotlight on your expertise, process, and high-quality work.

Potential clients want to work with the local expert who other respected contractors go to for information.  Share news from reputable sources and offer insights to position yourself in that spot.

Facebook Live is a great medium to feature “a day in the life of a contractor.”  Add some personality to your brand!

Finally, recording short video testimonials on your smartphone allows you to tap into the power of reviews.  Of course, make sure you get permission from the client ahead of time.

If you are still a bit hesitant to join the pool of contractors using social platforms, we want to share a statistic with you.

Sprout Social found that, “after following a brand on social media, consumers continue to engage in various ways. Ninety-one percent visit the brand’s website or app, 89% will buy from the brand and 85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend.”

These facts should be whetting your appetite, but we’ll go one step further.

Your target audience and ideal buyer is already active on social media…so shouldn’t you be?

With a well planned and executed organic marketing campaign, these folks can become website visitors and future customers.

And once they land there, your 24/7 sales machine can move them further down the funnel in the buyer’s journey.  

And at the bottom of that money funnel is the opportunity to convert them into a paid client.  

Hence, the serious value social media offers.

Social media for your contractor business gives you the chance to create trust and credibility with a vast number of customers who may be hearing your name for the first time.

You should have a consistent blog on your website, but if you don’t we can help with that central tenet of content marketing.  This will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines when set up and implemented correctly.

The purpose of social media is to be a conduit that leads interested parties to your website or blog.  Here you are more likely to “superheat” these leads and convert them.

How do you accomplish this?

Use these tips:

  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule
  • Show off what sets you apart
  • Respond to all comments and messages
  • Connect with influencers

Select the initial desired content mix and don’t be afraid to adjust it as you collect data on engagement trends.  Maybe Monday you share a news article, Tuesday a photo of your staff, Wednesday a behind the scenes video, etc.

Posting at the same time through the work week (Monday-Friday) will allow you to experience the best return on your social media investment.

Don’t focus only on selling, because that doesn’t set you apart.  People are more interested in learning about your company culture, what you bring to the community, personality, and client successes.

When someone takes the time to drop a comment on a post or mentions you in one of these platforms, don’t leave them wondering if you saw it.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with thought leaders and start meaningful conversations.  Offer value before you expect anything in return from these people, and it may pay off in a big way!  

50% of contractor marketers say that LinkedIn and Facebook are the most effective platforms.  

Contractor social media can reach the right audience by simply talking to your customers and conducting some online research.  

Facebook features:

  • Ability to tag customers
  • Great place to share blogs
  • Easy for people to engage with you
  • Facebook Messenger

Loyalty is so important but harder to maintain than ever before.  It becomes a bit easier when you give a shout out to a customer or vendor. 

Giving them kudos or sharing their story helps your stock increase in their eyes. 

Although it’s a newer technology, chatbots can respond to prospects’ basic questions via Facebook Messenger.  This frees up your phone lines for more qualified leads.  

LinkedIn features:

  • Share company news
  • Connect with professionals
  • Business to business marketing
  • Establish your authority

With a more professional feel than any other social media platform, it’s an awesome place to build your contractor network and earn referrals. 

One other valuable feature of LinkedIn is in attracting new talent to fill your open positions.  You can learn much more than a resume will tell you by visiting their profile.  

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