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Think about the last truly exceptional customer experience you had with a business.  Did they give you an opportunity to provide that feedback or not?

When it comes to your online reputation, every virtual “word of mouth” affects how much traffic your website and social media pages will receive.

According to BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read reviews online before reaching out to local businesses.

Publishing testimonials from your insurance clients carry significant weight because they establish trust.  The factors that stick out to a prospect are:

  • Recency
  • Star rating
  • Quantity
  • Legitimacy 

Also keep in mind that if an agency has fewer than four stars, 52% of consumers will pass it over. This justifies why you should pay attention to them!  

Ignoring what people are saying about your business online can affect referrals and the lifetime value of your clients.  Understanding that is one thing, but knowing how to manage it effectively is something else entirely.

For over a decade, we’ve bolstered the reputations of our clients through advanced review tools and strategic placement, thereby increasing results.

You’re the reason people are raving about their positive insurance experience, let us amplify their voice via our expertise as digital marketing tacticians.  

Why Reviews are Important for Insurance Agencies

Prior to the global adoption of the internet, a handshake and word of mouth marketing was sufficient for driving new business through the doors of agencies.  That has changed.

Let’s use Amazon as an example.  They continue to increase profitability due in part to their mastery of capturing and highlighting customer experiences with the products offered within. 

Your thought may be, “Of course that is easy for a global player like Amazon, but how many people would actually take the time to leave an insurance review?”

content is king

It should encourage you to know that 7 out of 10 people, when asked to leave a review, happily leave one.  But there is an art and a science to getting more reviews!

Over the years, we’ve learned that just asking for reviews isn’t good enough.  You’ll get reviews but probably not the ones you want or expect.

Our “review formula” produces reviews that excite and encourage prospects to take next steps with you. 

There are a number of mediums to use when seeking feedback:

  • Social media
  • Phone
  • In person
  • Receipt
  • Email

Of these, email is the most effective way to increase the likelihood of a response.  Especially for those with the financial means to purchase insurance (your target market), it’s a necessary place to show up.

Understanding how to ask for reviews, and leveraging them across the touchpoints where you may be found is important for insurance agents to understand.  Your partner in this endeavor, our team brings a wealth of knowledge on how to accomplish this!  

First, we focus on reputation management.  This step bolsters your social proof while doubly adding to the places clients can find you.

How we do that:

  1. Ensuring consistency across your current directories and business listings
  2. Citation campaigns to add your insurance agency to pertinent listings

Next, we create and run review campaigns that make it easy for clients to rate their experience, offer specifics, and share the details across any number of review sites.  

Additionally, we offer “outside the box” actionable ways for you to use them across your website and social media for extra reach.  We’ve seen what works and want to share these tips to assist in the growth of your business.      

See what people are saying about our prowess in building our clients online reputations!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Reviews

If you’ve been operating in the insurance industry for awhile, you know it’s a full-time pursuit seeking to please each and every client.  And for every 100 people who absolutely love you, there’s probably one or two that for whatever reason weren’t completely satisfied.  

Although this may not significantly affect your bottom line, it does have an impact on your online reputation.  Knowing that, how should you proceed?

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to mentions of your agency across social media and review sites.  Doing so will help you quickly and effectively deal with any negative feedback.

Other steps to take:

  • Join the conversation
  • Respond quickly
  • Contact review sites directly

Show people you care about their concerns and are willing to make it right if necessary.  Using a quick and heartfelt response can help avoid any unpleasant amplification that touches other prospective customers. 

Looking at the content you distribute across all of your channels, there’s hidden benefits to help outpace any negative reviews.  To take advantage of these benefits:

  • Publish high quality content
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Leverage your social media

Performing these steps will go far in helping you avoid revenue loss, and may turn the dissatisfied party into a cheerleader.

The short answer is NO, as it’s considered unethical to financially entice insurance customers to leave a review.  Make a point to avoid it!

But this doesn’t mean you can’t creatively encourage feedback from clients.  

An alternative way is to start a referral program.  Research shows that more than 80% of consumers trust a personal recommendation from a friend (or even someone they don’t know) more than they would a review in a newspaper or magazine.

They are less expensive and time consuming than traditional customer acquisition, plus a practical way to monetize word of mouth marketing.  Ready to start your own referral program?

Components you’ll need:

  • Fun and appealing name
  • Rules for how the program works
  • A system of incentives and rewards
  • A way to let your customers know about the program

There are a number of tools to help you create one such as Extole and Yopto.  Templates, landing pages, and a choice of reward structures are at your fingertips through these platforms.

Our digital marketing agency also has access to tools that can send review requests in mass to new policy holders.  While the exceptional service you provided is fresh in their minds, it’s important to give them the chance to write about it!

There isn’t an exact number that can be liberally applied across every insurance agency around the United States, but typically more is almost always better than less.  Multiple reasons exist for this to be the case.

BrightLocal found that potential clients will trust you more implicitly if you have 40 or more reviews.  But quality still needs to be a factor alongside quantity here.

An encouraging detail about this statistic lies in the decreasing impact of any negative reviews.  This is achieved as a higher number of positive reviews will help your average star rating remain closer to 5.

Regardless of the number of reviews you actually have on Google My Business and other sites, responding to them all in a timely fashion is paramount.  Controlling the flow of this customer feedback frees you up from spending excessive time with social listening.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to what people are saying, because you should, but it organizes the responses.  As mentioned before, we conduct review campaigns and promptly respond to each and every one that comes in.

We can also help you determine the “sweet spot” for the number of reviews your agency should start with.

A 5-star rating from a current or past client contains various benefits.  Besides encouraging you that you’re making a positive impact in your community, it gives you social proof to use for prospecting.

Similar to negative reviews, you should first:

  • Join the conversation online
  • Respond quickly to all positive reviews  

Active engagement with satisfied insurance clients will add to their lifetime value, and increase your agency’s referrals.  We’re confident that you’d like more of both.

Once you have accrued a good number of positive reviews, what should you do with them?

  1. Create testimonial graphics for social media
  2. Add them to your website
  3. Include on landing pages
  4. Add any video testimonials to your YouTube page
  5. Use them in online ads (PPC)

Word of mouth marketing, boosted by sharing success stories, will accelerate the acquisition of new clients.  They also are a great differentiator between you and “the other guys.”

Being aware that people prefer your agency might make you feel good inside, but if you don’t purposefully spread this news online, there’s a missed opportunity.

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