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Musselwhite Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency serving the insurance/business industry since 2009.

Client Reviews

What Our Clients & Customers Have said Over The Years

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“The Musselwhite Team has been nothing but amazing to work with! They are thorough, quick to respond, friendly and they always go above and beyond. I highly recommend this company!”

Kaitlin, Partner Success Manger

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“We’ve been working with Musselwhite Marketing for a few months. Recently we started a new Google AdWords campaign and Musselwhite generated over 80 leads in 30-days!”

Matt, Executive Vice President Workers Compensation

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“The Musselwhite Marketing team has been so amazing to work with. They are extremely professional and thorough with a level of care and friendliness that makes you feel like more than just a number on a spreadsheet. Musselwhite always goes above and beyond for their clients. I would recommend them 10/10 times because of their commitment to service and the value they bring to your company.”

Kristina, Marketing Consultant

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Thanks for a totally awesome launch! You did your part so beautifully and brilliantly while at the same time, struggling with your own personal challenges with these difficult COVID times. I want to congratulate you on a job well done and I am so deeply appreciative of the commitment and effectiveness you brought to the forefront. You are awesome! Huge heartfelt thanks”

Diane, Trauma Therapist

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Musselwhite Marketing is ahead of the class. Top notch in the industry. Always growing and adapting to an ever changing industry. What sets them apart in my opinion is there fervor and expertise to grow there customers business. Your not just a customer your family to them. Thank you Musselwhite Marketing!”

James, Painting Contractor

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“The team at Musselwhite are pro-active and go beyond the task to ensure the clients website is functioning well and are satisfied.”

Frank, Preparatory School President/Board Member

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Working with Musselwhite Marketing has been a great. They really understand the importance of digital media and how to use them to grow a business. Their professionalism and ease to communicate is really appreciated. I highly recommend them, and it would be my pleasure to work with them again.”

Giannis, Website Developer

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Working with the team at Musselwhite Marketing has been a pleasure. They offer digital marketing training and the knowledge that I gained was a game changer for me. Through this training, you can become certified in numerous aspects of digital marketing (content marketing, conversion optimization, etc). These certifications are important as they validate and prove that you have expert-level knowledge of your chosen topic(s). I highly recommend working with them and the training they provide!”

Lauren, Content Writer

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“I made the decision to rename and rebrand my online presence. I wanted to find someone that knew and understood what I was looking for and had the technical expertise to deliver. The team at Musselwhite Marketing ultimately earned my confidence. Their process was thorough and easy to follow. They designed, created and delivered a brand new professionally aesthetic WordPress website. They captured the look and feel I was going for. They took care of and dealt with my registrar and hosting companies, Musselwhite Marketing also helped me successfully navigate decisions I needed to make concerning user experience, function and various aesthetics. They were patient yet quick to respond when I needed them. Although my website project is complete they continue to make themselves available answering questions I throw at them. They’ve also reached out post project with unsolicited suggestions pertaining to my website security. If you are looking to build a new WordPress website or update your current website I suggest you talk to the folks at Musselwhite Marketing. They took care of my needs and am confident they can help you too”

Tim, Business Services

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“I have been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years and have grown a couple different successful on and offline businesses. I am now the marketing director for a very successful therapist who uses Ontraport to run the business and the majority of their marketing activities. After extensive research and due diligence I invited Charles Musselwhite of Musselwhite Marketing to aide and assist me with stepping in to replace another digital marketing company. Charles has been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years, like me. I brought him on exclusively for his skills, certifications and strategy – and got so much more! Charles is a certified partner of both Digital Marketer and Ontraport and stays up to date with his knowledge and understanding of the evolving Ontraport platform. He has been able to execute every single thing I’ve thrown his way – and sometimes what I want set up can be obscure. He manages our email builds from HTML, landing pages, product order forms, custom objects, 3rd party webhook connections (payment processor, Zoom webinar integration, Kajabi integration, website forms etc), tagging, tracking – and our all around database management and maintenance. I’ve yet to throw something his way that he hasn’t figured out and executed. He manages my expectations as to what is possible. I have yet to feel frustrated or disappointed in any way with Charles and his team! (and I’m a tough one to please at times). I have grown to heavily trust his capabilities as business grows. Charles is a rockstar and extension of my team. I feel super honored to give him a rave review because I genuinely believe in him and the work he has done with us. Whoever finds him is super lucky to have him.”

Ann, Marketing Manager

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Charles and Linda were a pleasure to work with and extremely detailed with my website. The video and picture content as well linking all social media has been a great driving force in our marketing campaign. Every time I had a question or wanted to add something to the site, they responded immediately……even when they were on vacation!!! Haven’t had this much traffic in the 10 years I’ve been in business! Can’t thank them enough!”

Corey, Mixed Martial Arts Gym Owner

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“We hired Linda and her team for a Facebook campaign in order to create posts that would engage customers and attract more people to our page. Everything was very professional and organized from the start and we knew each step of the way what the marketing plan was. There was a questionnaire to fill out so that they could really understand the needs and marketing objectives of our company and Linda kept in touch often to let us know how the posts and ads were working. The posts they created were very professional and met our objectives. I would definitely use Musselwhite Marketing in the future and have referred them to several business owners who were in need of marketing services. Also to mention, their fees were very affordable and reasonable.”

Dina, Real Estate/Property Manager

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“The team at Musselwhite is goal and task oriented. When provided with a necessary timeline they worked through the holidays to ensure our new website was up and running on time. They are great with communication, from phone to text and even video. We’re looking forward to a successful future with this great team.”

Taylor, Real Estate Broker

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Read 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing For Insurance Agencies. Found several items that I can try to use in my agency. “

Steve, Insurance Broker

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Always enjoy working with Linda and Charles and their team. They understand our needs and get the job done! They are constantly increasing their knowledge base with all the new techniques which definitely works in our favor.”

Toni, Software Company Administrator

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“We’ve been working with them for a while now. They redesigned our website with the latest technology but kept the look and feel that we liked very much! They have done a great job for us!! “

Jose, Software Company President

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“I got to know them after they published a book entitled “7 Pillars of Digital Marketing” It’s a fantastic reference book that I keep by my side at all times. Musselwhite Marketing is a great group of professionals to work with.”

Frank, Insurance Broker

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Musselwhite Consulting has been a valuable partner to Q Applied Systems, Corp. For the past four years they have effectively helped with our electronic presence, marketing and message delivery to our specific customer base in the construction and industrial manufacturing sectors.”

Bill, Manufacture Representative

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“We have been working with Musselwhite Marketing for just about a year. We initially came to them to make minor changes on our website, as it has been un-managed for quote some time. When they attempted to make changes, they found all sorts of code written into our website that were un-authorized by us. This prevented access to edit anything on a website that we own. This was all done by the prior web designer!! It took some skill to be able to crack our website to gain access again, which they conquered in a short time. They know manage our website monthly and keep an eye out for any issues that may arise. Linda & Charles are highly knowledgeable, extremely professional and truly one of a kind. I offer my highest recommendation for these Rock Stars!!”

Karen, Insurance Agent

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“We have been working with Musselwhite consulting for 6 months on our new website and internet presence. I am very happy with the level of professionalism and thoroughness they display. they make sure we cover all the bases. also, Charles has written some great books on insurance agencies and the internet.”

John, Insurance Broker

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Excellent service, through and through. Charles and Linda go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are handled. They helped our business formulate a plan and execute it, and we are seeing very promising results. Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!”

Tyme, CBD Manufacturer

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Working with Musselwhite Marketing has been such and amazing experience both professionally and personally. Myself being a Massage Therapist thought I ought to be able to figure out all the tech/ buss stuff on my own yet I continued to feel defeated. Charles and Linda both have helped me locate/recover my old website that I had lost which I thought I would just update yet learned it was better to just create a new one w/ there knowledge and my new vision. Learning strategies to keep it simple yet effective. The anxiety of tying to navigate this tech stuff was released with Musselwhite’s marketing. I’m leaning that we all have gift’s and talents and I will continue to utilize the expertise of Charles and Linda throughout my Business journey. They both are truly gifted and makes the process of learning and growing so painless!!”

Erika, Massage Therapist

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Charles and Linda are knowledgeable and experienced marketers who can help you grow your business. They are also lovely people to work with. Highly recommend!”

Nicole, Author

Musselwhite Marketing 5 Star Reviews

“Charles and Linda are TRULY REMARKABLE Human Beings: Kind, Funny, Courageous, Honest, and Committed!

One of Musselwhite Marketing’s most outstanding characteristics is their follow through! They clearly take pride in honoring their business commitments, and they always inspire me to do more as a businessman and human being—because of their sincere integrity!
Musselwhite Marketing’s business acumen, insight, and savvy consistently amaze me! Charles and Linda—and their entire team—are on the cutting edge of technology and merge it beautifully with creativity and professional insight that consistently leads me, and my business, to the next level!
They have truly become mentors to me—simply because they share with such integrity—and a real desire to see their clients’ businesses thrive!
Musselwhite Marketing is a PHENOMENAL company because of the integrity their entire staff practices every day, both personally and professionally!
If you have the opportunity to seek their services, . . . IMMEDIATELY say, “YES!” I PROMISE, you’ll be so glad you did!

P.J., Speaker/Coach

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