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Content Marketing for Contractors

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What’s one thing almost every website has in common?  Lots of content!

Now to be clear, it’s not the amount but rather the quality of the words, images, and videos that cause your prospective customers to take action.

But what should you do with all those different  bits of convincing copy?  A well defined content marketing strategy will turn them into a cohesive (and sales generating) machine.

What is content marketing for contractors?

It’s simply the process of strategically creating and distributing content that is:

  • Valuable
  • Relevant
  • Consistent

Aimed at speaking to your prospects problems, wants, and needs, this information is messaging that stands out! 

Taking a 10,000 foot view, there are three major reasons you need content marketing . 

Contractor content marketing is:

  1. Key in today’s relationship-based digital marketplace
  2. The heart of a digital marketing strategy
  3. A strong source of lead generation

Without a content marketing plan and strategy, left to their own devices your potential clients may not see all of your content and if they do, they probably won’t know what to do next. You must be deliberate and intentional with your content marketing planning and strategy to place the right content at the right time in front of your prospects.    Positioning your content on various marketing channels along the customer  journey will increase your conversion probability.

Speaking to the second point, some sort of content will be the driving force behind every aspect of your overall marketing.  From PR to advertising, it’s the “meat on the bones.”

Experience is on our side and this pillar of digital marketing is an efficient tool we use for our clients daily.  How can we say with confidence contractor marketing is something we excel at?

We took a contractor client from the perilous edge of bankruptcy to $5,000,000!  Read our entire case study and feel free to picture yourself in their shoes.

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Why Content Marketing is Important for Contractors

Maybe it’s social media, blogs, or videos.  But regardless of the form it comes in, content marketing for contractors does 5 things really well.

  1. Shapes your brand
  2. Generates more business
  3. Makes you easier to “find”
  4. Collects links
  5. Promotes website authority

We understand growing your bottom line  is something you strive for.  Each of the things we mentioned above go far towards making that a reality. 

Your contracting website is command central for your entire marketing operation, and it needs content marketing because it funnels incoming leads.

A press release or killer social media post can “grease  the chute” and deliver interested buyers who want to start a conversation with you.  

Search traffic also gets a much needed lift if Google discovers people love your recent blog.  A strong call to action within the blog can drive leads to a dedicated landing page.

Some other ways to earn links:

  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Content curation
  • SEO articles
  • Videos

Establishing the right mix of different types of content can require testing and tracking the performance of each piece.  Maybe you’d rather spend that time on other areas of your contracting business?

Or perhaps you already have a solid content mix, but feel that the written copy leaves more to be desired.  Our professional, North American  based writers can give it the lift it needs!

We’ve been helping skilled professionals like yourself use this digital marketing pillar to grow exponentially for over 11 years.  Check out their testimonials!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing

Many contractors choose to create content simply because others are doing it.  Basically, the other guy across town is making blog posts, so I guess I should do it too.

Herein lies the problem, if it isn’t the right content you won’t see the results you desire.

The solution…a connected content marketing strategy.


  1. Set your goals
  2. Perform keyword analysis
  3. Perform content gap analysis
  4. Consider your prospect persona
  5. Consider your prospects customer journey
  6. Create your content calendar
  7. Implement your content calendar
  8. Review your analytics monthly

Obviously you want to see a return on investment, so hone in on the objectives you desire the content to fulfill.  Do you want it to funnel prospects to a sales page? Your website? 

Planning out your content ahead of time is like having a GPS when you’re driving to an unfamiliar location.  

Taking this vantage point helps you double check that the mix for your contracting business makes sense and will resonate with your audience.

Finally, don’t set it on recycle mode and forget about it.  Be up to date on digital marketing best practices…it’ll pay off big time.    

Way back in 1996, Bill Gates exclaimed “Content is KING!”  How true it is.  

Our guess is you want website visitors to have moved from cold to hot leads before they even arrive right?  Then allow us to share a few content marketing tactics to make that come true.

  • Content diversification
  • Podcasting
  • Voice optimization

Blogs work, but that doesn’t mean you should exclusively create blogs.  Mix it up between video, audio, and written forms of content.

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, and they “tag along” with listeners as they move through life.  At the gym or commuting to the old 9-5, this form of content feels more personable than reading.

Half of all online searches are made using voice recognition technology, think “contractor near me”.  Many contractors, and small businesses in general, are falling behind this rising trend.  

Why not invoke your inner Bill Gates and see the opportunities to grow your contracting business before others do?

Let’s dive a little deeper into one of our personal favorites…blogs.

When done correctly, this piece of content can be a master of turning casual searchers into interested shoppers.

Choose one of these to focus on:

  1. Topics relevant to your ideal client and their journey
  2. Topics likely to attract backlinks

To begin, compile a list of frequently asked questions your contracting business receives.  Take time to answer the most pertinent ones in your next blog.

This takes care of #1, but what about the second topic to focus on?

Linkable content either:

  • Presents actionable information to fix a problem
  • Consists of useful data

And a word to the wise when seeking backlinks, choose content that is evergreen.  After all, it’s “always green” because its usefulness stands the test of time.  

Following these tips can turn blogging into a lead generating workhorse for your contracting business. 

In order to be successful with contractor content marketing, exhibit a laser focus on crafting shareable content. 

We thought it worthwhile to share simple content ideas for use and reuse in scaling your business.

They are:

  • FAQs
  • Before and After
  • Behind the scenes
  • Customer testimonials
  • Seasonal

Fleshing out the short FAQ questions you already have on your website gives you the chance to “spread your expertise wings.”  You can turn them into a short video or blog post.

HGTV is popular because viewers love seeing how things are made or updated.  Take short video clips on your smartphone tracking the progression of your next project.

Piece those clips together and voila!  Instant behind the scenes gold.

Who are your best ambassadors?  Previous (or current) clients of your contracting business are living, breathing reviews…so feature them in your next video.

Lastly, entertaining and timely content can endear you to the audience that follows your social channels or subscribes to your blog.  Search online for holiday’s you can creatively tie into the contracting industry.  

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