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One of the most powerful ways to bring in more leads so that you can close more sales is using search engine optimization (SEO)!  Search engine optimization is one way to be considered by your prospects by showing in their search results. 

Ranking higher than your competitors is the overall goal here, and that position brings many benefits along with it.  Among them is more prospects (eyes) to your website.

And more eyes typically equates to higher conversion rates, as buyers intent will be strong with those searching for specific terms such as “top contractors near me.”

It’s a fact that the majority of searchers tend to click on one of the coveted “three pack” (top three sites), and this should be the target you aim for.  Once you drift off the first page, it’s highly unlikely that more than a handful of people will visit. 

We know a little something about this topic and have been helping contractors like you for over a decade.  Keeping up with the ever evolving trends in this field equips us to help you win sooner. 

Contractor SEO is custom tailored to your specific goals and objectives with this digital marketing technique.  But there are some general steps we will use across the board.

  1. SEO audit
  2. Web page content 
  3. Blog content
  4. Link building

A final step if you’re focusing on a more local clientele is boosting your online reputation score through citations growth and reviews accumulation.  

One tremendous tool to aid in this quest is your website’s blog.  You can get started with as few as one blog each month, but this medium allows you to extend your grip over industry keywords.  

Why are we so confident that our process works?

Read our case study of how we took a contractor client from bankrupt to $5,000,000.  After all, they say “the proof is in the guacamole”…or however the saying goes.

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Why SEO Is Important for Contractors

As human beings we sometimes feel invisible to those around us.  Generally this is more belief than actuality.

Now when it comes to your business, this feeling may actually be accurate in that clients can’t find you…so basically you don’t exist.  

SEO for contractors to the rescue!  Without spending a dime on advertising, it acts as a free substitute that drives traffic to your website.  

Free doesn’t mean it won’t require a methodical approach, but with enough practice it can get you in front of the right audience at the right time.  And doing so gets you that much closer to them pulling out their wallets to acquire your services.

You’ll want to start with keyword research, the “golden egg” of SEO.  There are tools that won’t cost a dime like, but investing in a paid option such as SpyFu will break the possibilities wide open. 


  • Think like your target client
  • Avoid stuffing keywords
  • Extend their reach via blogs
  • Answer questions people have
  • Use keywords as a link
  • Incorporate them on the backend

Although contractor SEO is something all contractors can (and should) utilize, it can appear to be a science at face value that requires a master’s degree in “science stuff” to succeed.

That degree doesn’t exist, but we’ve been helping our clients increase their visibility for over 11 years…hear from them because that’s the best confirmation.


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As an SEO company for contractors, we apply the same proven techniques that have helped other practitioners of your trade succeed.  To learn more and find out if we’re the right fit, schedule a free discovery session.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Contractors

According to BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read reviews online before reaching out to local businesses.

When and how to ask for them is important, but that’s not our focus here.  So what do we want to spotlight? 

An indispensable tool for your company is a Google My Business listing.  Functioning as a “mini website,” it holds: 

  • Any Google reviews 
  • Images of past work 
  • Business information  

This virtual storefront acts as a companion to your contractor website, and warms up potential leads through the power of reviews.  Another great feature lies in the ability to put out posts, similar to those on social media you use to drive traffic.  

Not sure if you already have one?  Perform a Google Search for your business.  If one doesn’t show up, create it.  Maybe there’s a listing but it displays “unclaimed.”  You’ll want to claim it and ensure the information is correct. 

Especially for local businesses, this page is something you’ll want to update regularly to stay at the top of mind for prospects…a coveted spot all entrepreneurs pursue.

We’ll start by giving you a handful of ways to use this advanced marketing technique for lead generation.

SEO for construction companies benefits from:

  • Beginning with keyword research
  • Crafting custom content
  • Standardizing site navigation
  • Revamping for local search
  • Refining for mobile

Once prospects reach your site, it’s up to you to convert these leads into clients.  In marketing, having what’s called a CTA (call to action) directs people to either fill out a form, give you a call, or send you an email.  

Getting them to make this micro commitment by saying “Yes, I’m interested” is the first step to acquiring them as a paying customer. 

Optimizing your content and website for search engines is normally addressed first by SEO professionals, followed by optimizing for conversions. 

Named as a top SEO company in San Diego, we can assist in both of these areas if you’re wanting to outsource the research and implementation of these tactics.

Let us be transparent that becoming “king of the hill” on a SERP (search engine results page) is a process.  It takes time and a concentrated effort to outrank competitors that may have a more established name or larger marketing budget. 

But rather than being intimidated by those facts, we look at them as an exciting challenge!

When expertise and experience is applied, even without a dime spent on advertising, it’s possible to pass these bigger players.

Conducting an audit of where your online presence currently stands should be step one.  But what data points should you pay attention to during this review? 

Most important construction SEO metrics to track:

  • Organic traffic
  • Target keywords
  • Keywords already rank for
  • Backlinks
  • Social media traffic
  • Voice search rankings
  • Page speed
  • Organic conversions

Over time as you focus on generating content that is optimized with industry keywords, you’ll see these numbers improve.  And as they do…so will your Google ranking.

SEO for contractors can be an ongoing process to maintain the highly sought after top ranking, but with the right strategy your reign can extend well into the future.

As a painter, plumber, general contractor, or other industry professional you understand how concentrated the market is.  Regardless of the project size, competition for the top of Google can be heavy.

This highlights the necessity for a strong SEO strategy!  Obviously, you understand that a large portion of your business comes from local sources.    

How do you attract these folks like moths to a flame?

Besides your Google My Business page which we already discussed, we’d like to share a few tips.

  • Standardize your NAP listings
  • Specify your service area
  • Create geo-targeted landing pages
  • Optimize your citation pages
  • Use schema markup on your website

You may be everybody’s favorite contractor, generating revenue consistently, and providing solid value to your customers, but if you have a negligible or non-existent online presence…well they can’t find you.

Don’t let that happen.

Our SEO tips have proven successful for our digital marketing agency, so we’re pretty confident this same level of success can find its way to you if you want it to.

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