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If the target audience of your Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) or Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB) is predominantly women, business marketing on Pinterest might be a good idea.

While Pinterest is a relative newbie to the marketing realm it is a powerhouse none the less. Check out our Pinterest page and share your thoughts (connection links below) on any of our profiles.

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WARNING: Pinterest is known to be addictive. Proceed with caution!

Pinterest is a photo sharing site that allows users to create and manage image collections with a theme. People can then share these wonderful images, known as “pins” with other users. Categories of “pins” are known as “pinboards”.

Pinterest took the easy and creative way and instead of creating pages of text content explaining how to use and market on their site they created a board and named it “Pinterest Marketing Tips of Business + Pinterest Infographics” – Genius! In their (Pinterest) words, you will “find the best Pinterest marketing tips and Pinterest infographics for bloggers, marketers, Businesses & Entrepreneurs. To provide a great experience for pinners we will remove spams (you will be removed immediately), duplicate pins, & Product promos…” Awesome!

The folks at Digital Marketing Ramblings posted some interesting stats:

  1. As of July 2013 there were 70 million Pinterest users
  2. 80% of Pinterest users are women
  3. On average, users spend 98 minutes per month on Pinterest
  4. 23% of Pinterest users use it at least once a day

Pinterest aims at connecting people from all corners of the earth through things that they have a common interest in. If your target audience is primarily women and you do not use Pinterest in marketing your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Try this for a Pinterest strategy, Network with other professionals and vendors in your field by tagging other pinners by using “@username” in a pin’s description. Most people are not doing this yet, so it’s a great way to stand out.

You can incorporate Pinterest into your content marketing mix by featuring your business name for greater exposure. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account will help you gain followers.

To get a presence on Pinterest, you have to use graphics that your clients can relate to. If you can succeed in doing this, then you can get more clicks and “re-pins”. You also need to know that not all marketing strategies in Pinterest will work equally for your business. Therefore, you will have to continually research and modify your strategies (just like with any other platform you use) in order to stay on top.

Since Pinterest is a predominantly women visited site we didn’t want to leave the guys out and be accused of anything so we did a little research and found a few Pinterest equivalent sites for the guys – ENJOY:

  1. Gentlemint
  2. Dudepins
  3. Manteresting

If you think Pinterest might be right for you and your business but you have questions or need help fill out our “Strategy Session Request” form. You can always give us a call (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at

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