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Internet Success – Scott Fox Interview

Updated and edited June 3, 2019: Links to Scott Fox’s “new business idea checklist” (below) is no longer available. Listen in as we discuss Internet Success with Scott Fox, friend, mentor, founder of Click Millionaires and author of “Internet Riches”, “E-Riches 2.0” and “Click Millionaires”. Musselwhite Consulting works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to improve your searchability and visibility online and offline with customized marketing strategies and systems for your specific needs and goals. Today, the internet and online business opportunities offer the most potential for success with the lowest risk.  Scott Fox’s Niche ID CheckList is a powerful tool to help you find your own niche business opportunity.  The checklist is designed to help you find a niche that you can turn into a profitable online business.  With more than 30 categories to rank each new niche business idea on, the checklist is a powerful, free tool you can use to find the best niche business online for you. Scott’s exclusive Niche Business ID Checklist can help you:
  • Rank your business ideas on more than 30 critical success factors
  • Compare and contrast competing ideas
  • Identify the pros and cons of each new business idea
  • Objectively calculate profit potential of different ideas
  • Help you avoid time-wasting and money-wasting ideas
Like everything we do at Click Millionaires, this new tool is designed to help you “work less and live more” by identifying the best new business ideas for your interests, skills, personality, and lifestyle goals. This new business idea checklist contains the same criteria Scott uses when looking at new niche business opportunities online. It can help you compare your ideas to pick the best lifestyle business niche to invest your valuable time in – and, it’s free to you as a Click Millionaires member. Join ClickMillionaires today for FREE

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