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We hate to say it but gone are the days of FREE Facebook marketing (at least for any marketing that’s productive and worth your time). As Small Office / Home Office (SOHO’s) Entrepreneurs or Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB’s) Owners we’re constantly looking for ways to improve ways to get better returns on our investments of time and money. RIGHT?

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Social Media Marketing continues to gain popularity among all types of business owners. Virtually anyone can take advantage of the benefits created by social media platforms but the game has changed (continually), especially for Facebook. It wasn’t that long ago that we were telling business owners they didn’t need to spend money on Facebook advertising. That was until early 2013 when we noticed significant drops in our (and our clients) organic post engagements.

AdvertisingAge reports, this drop was deliberate, intentional and by design. This drop caused us to start playing around with and testing Facebook ads. We were surprised by what we learned.

At the time of writing this post our worst performing ad had a reach over 18,000, a click through rate (CTR) of .11% and cost less then $20. The numbers might not look attractive but the result was a full workshop! Currently for the money we don’t know where else you can get that type of return that economically.

There is an overwhelming amount of gurus, experts and rockstars selling their overnight success manuals to Facebook Ads Marketing but its been our experience most of these shiny objects are sold to make a profit not necessarily produce results so please be careful. There are however a handful of legitimate folks out there offering truly helpful advice. What we’ve found to be the commonality amongst these folks is (like anything else) that it takes work and you’ve got to know your numbers (analytics). And you’ve also got to be ready for change (internal and external) because what works today might not work tomorrow, probably won’t work next month and definetly won’t work next year. Remember, we’re talking about Facebook.

Most importantly you must absolutely understand your audience before launching any ad or marketing campaign. This means more than just knowing male or female, how old they are and where they are on a map. You’ve got to learn and know your audience, what their interests are, their likes and dislikes, what drives them, and ultimately what problems they have that you that you can solve. Obviously this is true of any ad platform not just Facebook.

There are four steps involved in getting started in Facebook marketing for businesses:

  1. Create your page. This is the most basic thing. The name of the page should be that of your business. You should also include as much information as you can about what your business does or what you offer.
  2. After creating the page, start connecting. By coming up with quality ads, you will be able to reach the right people. You can also friend request potential clients to help you reach even more people.
  3. Always be engaged. Avoid going silent since it will create an impression that you have backed down in your willingness to help your customers. Generating and maintaining quality posts will get people interested and keep them that way.
  4. Expand your reach through friends. You can tag them on pictures or even post on their walls. This will help reach their friends too, further boosting your influence.

Click here to check out the Facebook for Business overview. It’s a good “getting started” resource.
One word of advice, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to do this all on your own. Finding the right folks to partner with to help you get things done in your business is a good investment. Your focus should be on your customers and prospects. Find someone to help turn your ideas and goals into completed actions. This is critical!

If you have questions or need help setting up your own “Facebook Marketing Campaign” give us a call (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at Contact@MusselwhiteMarketing.com and let’s discuss it.

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