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Hosting Your Own Radio Show | Musselwhite Consulting

To grow, Small Office / Home Office (SOHO’s) Entrepreneurs and Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB’s) Owners need to differentiate themselves from other options. You Need to Stand Out to Your Target Audience!. Depending on your target audience, Online Radio could be a powerful strategy. If nothing else, Online Radio done correctly could reach deeper into your target audience or even a new audience. Hosting your own radio show online allows you to reach a much wider audience because you are not limited by geographic coverage. There are many advantages to hosting an online radio show:
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  1. It is easier and faster to promote your website, business or book because of the rapidly-growing online radio audience.
  2. Hosting an online radio show enables you to gain local and international publicity and exposure by allowing social media to work for you.
  3. You increase your possibility of earning a heightened prestige and respect, thus elevating your social standing in an industry.
  4. You have the chance to make or generate more revenue by advertising on your show.
  5. If your show is liked by people, your highly-targeted audience will increase as more become interested in your show.
  6. Your celebrity status will be elevated and open doors to both professional and personal opportunities. More businesses will be interested in your business.
  7. You can establish your expertise and credibility in the field in which you work in.
  8. It allows you to promote and boost your SEO through telling people your own story using your own words.
  9. By giving your audience a chance to participate in your talk show, you allow more expertise and knowledge to trickle in, thus giving you a chance to learn more. In other words, you do not need to be an expert in your show in the beginning, but you do have the opportunity to become one.
  10. Hosting your own radio show online for your business is an inexpensive way of promoting business online to a wider audience than some traditional marketing methods.
  11. …and the list keeps on going!
When it comes to creating your Online Radio show, there are a lot of Online Radio Platforms options but a few of the BEST are: If you have questions or interest in setting up your own “Online Radio Show” we can help. Give us a call (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at and let’s discuss it.

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