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SEO in Simple Terms

SEO Strategies that Work

SEO in Simple Terms? How about SEO explained in an infographic (maybe we’re just addicted to infographics)? The folks at Act-On posted this cool infographic on SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master. They even wrote a cool guide (download here) that compliments the infographic and goes into much more detail os SEO.
First things first, if you’re an entrepreneur business owner Act-on has provided a perfect example of creating and publishing engaging content. As a matter of fact we’re taking notes right now and plan on implementing a few of their tactics. We’re not talking about plagiarizing we’re talking about Swipe and Deploy a Dan Kennedy and GKIC tactic!

5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master — an Act-On infographic

SEO in Simple Terms

We’ve talked about SEO this year in a few of our workshops and Act-on boils it down to the top #5 important points summarized here:

  • #1 Get Quality Links
  • #2 Google Authorship – more on this in next weeks blog
  • #3 Set a Canonical URL
  • #4 Microdata and Schema – not talked about much until this year
  • #5 Responsive Design – gaining more importance everyday with the proliferation of mobile devices

It has been our experience that so much has been said and published about SEO that most entrepreneurs and business owners (you and me) really don’t understand what SEO is nor care to know. SEO however is still IMPORTANT to your online efforts and worth paying attention to. Unfortunately this is one of the lessons we learned the hard way when we first got started in 2008. At that time, I swear articles were being written about the death of SEO by social media. Today I think the social media bubble is close to bursting but SEO (like those above) are still relevant and important. SEO is so important that it is one of the first things we give attention to when working with a new client. SEO remains one of those topics and exercises that we focus on month after month. With the growth of Google Authorship (more on that next week – another cool infographic) SEO will continue to be a vital activity in your marketing toolbox.
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