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Google Authorship Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Google Authorship
In our last blog post we shared an infographic on how to set up your Google Authorship. This week we share another infographic from the folks at Search Mojo and Search Engine Land on Troubleshooting Your Google Authorship just in case you experienced any hurdles setting up Your Google Authorship.
If you experience any challenges connecting your Google Authorship refer to this handy dandy flow chart (below).

A Step by Step Flowchart To Help Troubleshoot Authorship Issues

How To Troubleshoot Authorship Issues: Step by Step Flowchart
If your Google Authorship doesn’t show up right away don’t worry. Matt Cutts indicated at PubCon “that Google will likely tighten up authorship which may decrease the number of authors shown in results by about 15%. The goal of this effort would be to improve the quality of authors they show and truly show valuable authors with high authority.” As of December 19, 2013 Matt Cutts stated, “I can confirm that this change has happened” but don’t give up. Keep at it! Keep focused! And follow the Google webmaster guidelines to building your authorship authority. This is important and NOT a waste of time because as Eric Schmidt of Google said, authorship could become the most important factor for ranking!
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