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PageRank importance

PageRank is a measure of confidence and credibility of your website

A quick Google search reveals there is a lot (staggering amount) written about Google’s PageRank. Basically speaking, PageRank is primarily determined by how many other web pages are linking to your site. Google considers inbound links as votes of confidence and credibility. But not all inbound links are created equal. Web pages with more credibility that link to you have more “value” to your PageRank than those with less credibility. Check out this cool infographic from the folks at ZippyCart (update – unfortunately ZippyCart has removed this infographic).

Hit us up if you have questions about your current PageRank or what you can do to improve your PageRank.

Here’s three things you can do right now to improve your PageRank:

  • 1. Write reviews and testimonials for other businesses. Most companies love this type of endorsement and may link to your site because of it. This is a win-win for each of you
  • 2. Talk about your favorite charity(ies). Same as above but make sure you actually donate to the charity too!
  • 3. Video, video, video. Take items 1 and 2 above and take it a step further by embedding a video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc…) on your site. When properly optimized, your video(s) will add great SEO value for even better Google juice!

Remember, if you have any questions about your PagRank or other things you can to improve your PageRank don’t hesitate to hit us up.

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