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Free Employee Training Funds for CA Businesses

Free Funds for CA Businesses

Unknown to most CA businesses is the availability of FREE employee training funds through the Employment Training Panel (ETP). Listen in as Robb Braun of The Leadership Source talks about the ETP program.

The ETP program is funded by the Employment Training Tax paid by California employers. So if you’re a business with employees you’ve been paying into this program and funds are available for the training of you and your employees. The program is performance-based. Employers must provide proof that training hours have been completed and trainees have been retrained in well-paying jobs for a specific period of time at a specified wage before ETP reimburses payment.

 Since its inception in 1982, ETP has reimbursed employers well over $1 billion for training workers in more than 80,000 businesses. For Incumbent Worker training, employers contribute to the cost of training. ETP also funds training for unemployed workers ETP provides additional incentive to assist small businesses and employers in high unemployment areas of the State.

ETP funding works
because it is predicated on simple and effective principles:

  • Employers make decisions about the training program. Employers are involved in every aspect of training. Companies assess their training needs, customize curricula to address the specific needs of their businesses, and implement and administer the training plan.

  • Training investments help companies become more profitable, so companies are encouraged to share that profit with workers involved in training. ETP contracts promote wage increases and require employers to retain trained workers for specific periods in order to earn ETP funds.

  • Employers are encouraged to assume greater responsibility for training. ETP reimburses contractors based on flat rates. Companies must pay the difference between ETP reimbursement and their actual training costs. As training costs increase, companies pay a larger percentage of the costs.

  • Performance-based contracting helps to ensures success. A business may earn ETP funds only after a trainee completes all training and is retained for a minimum time period (normally 90 days) at a required wage, in a job using the skills learned in training. Other performance requirements ensure that each stakeholder – the company, the worker, and ETP – shares responsibility for expanding the numbers of high-wage, high-skill jobs in California.
  • ETP funding is a catalyst for future workforce training. Employers who participate in ETP-funded training are more likely to invest in future workforce training. The ETP experience provides them with the practical knowledge and tools to successfully implement a training plan.

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