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WordPress maintenance service that doesn’t SUCK

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WordPress was born from the idea of creating a beautiful, easy-to-use publishing platform. And over time, the apps offered for WordPress made this so easy to do that now many people and businesses (even some fortune 100 companies) turn to WordPress to create their websites. In fact, almost 30 percent of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress today. According to the website Internet Live Stats there were 1,766,926,408 websites as of 2017 which means there is over 530 million WordPress website out there.
While WordPress has become a desired powerhouse for creating websites, unfortunately, for business owners, the sheer number of apps and plugins used to create a WP site can make its post-build upkeep and management quite time-consuming. It’s our experience that it takes about 30 minutes per week to perform backups and core, theme and plugin updates on WordPress websites. When you hire a WordPress maintenance expert you can save time, focus more on other aspects of your business and reap the following benefits:


  • You will save a considerable amount of time each month keeping up with WordPress weekly and monthly updates and spend those hours on brainstorming and moving your business forward.


  • You can stop surfing the web looking for a way to handle the tech-heavy learning curves that inevitably will come your way.


  • Features and functionally that can augment your web presence should be suggested and on your approval, automatically implemented so that you are always a beat or two ahead of your competition.


  • You can ease your website security fears of breaches and crashes due to malicious bot attacks and human hackers.


  • Any bugs in your system are fixed immediately by techs that are familiar with WordPress apps, themes, and plugins, saving your hours of second-guessing and Googling ways to fix it yourself.


  • You will sleep better knowing that your website is always up-to-date and that it is being babysat by 24-hour monitors.


  • You will be complemented by your visitors who will be impressed by your sleek, efficient web presence and you will see your rankings rise in the search engines, because of a solid, flawless website. Okay maybe that’s a bit much but some website visitors are quick to point out outdated websites.


  • Instead of keeping copious notes, you should receive a concise, informative monthly report that tells you everything that you need to know about the upkeep of your website.

WordPress Maintenance Should Be Practiced By WordPress Experts

Some entrepreneurs and small businesses with a WordPress site might have already hired a website maintenance company of some kind to manage their web pages and blog. However, the issue is that the WordPress platform is a niche product, with its own particular set of concerns, especially when it comes to updating internet security. The format’s many plugins and themes are not best left to impersonal roaming bots. It is best to trust the daily care of your WordPress site to a hands-on digital marketing service company that is intimately familiar with all of its clusters of apps and services. Every update suggested by WordPress is crucial to the optimal functioning of your website, but the three most important are the WordPress security, theme, and plugin updates. This is to ensure the website speed, compatibility, and security all remain up-to-date.

Security Updates Are Mandatory to Prevent Hack Attacks

If your security is compromised (and it will be, it’s just a matter of time), everything on your website can be stolen, and you can be locked out of your own site. Personal information and sensitive banking information can be stolen, entire blogs can be wrecked and stolen, leaving you with a series of inaccessible pages. Three of the best free programs available for keeping the bad guys out of your WordPress site are Sucuri, Wordfence, and iThemes Security.

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Mind The WordPress Plugin Update

There is nothing you can do about the fact that some WordPress plugins simply expire and cause your site to look awkward and even become inoperative. This is because WordPress is an open source software and many plugins are designed by freelancers that sometimes just do so for fun and then simply abandon any upgrades or servicing of them. This is especially true if the plugin was available for free. Yet another possibility is that a plugin can become obsolete as security is upgraded on your WordPress site. Older plugins are also more vulnerable to hacker attacks as they age.

Why You Should Permit Every WordPress Theme Update

Unless you really hate the look of the WordPress update that is proposed, you should always honor every suggestion made by your WordPress website maintenance team. This is because the new theme may have been chosen because it looks good visually and functions nicely across all platforms, such as a mainframe, laptop, computer, and mobile. Yet another factor is that some themes only look great on one browser and look terrible on others. Some themes are also more vulnerable to security leaks than others as well, and it should be your priority to protect all of your information, especially any private information provided by site visitors.

Cover All of Your Bases With Basic Website Services

Although we think it is critical that you hire a WordPress specialist when it comes to managing your WordPress site, it is also important that you hire a company that doesn’t “suck.” This means hiring a company with a digital tech department that knows exactly what to do if your WordPress site is functioning poorly for any reason. Along with the usual monitoring and updates, the company should also offer a backdoor backup system in case your entire website crashes. If it does, all of the information should be able to be completely restored with a simple click or two. Once the WordPress site is back online, the tech experts should also be able to make recommendations about your SEO so that your website is highly ranked on Google and other search engines and that your URL is displaying your information correctly in the out-of-context description beneath your URL.

Start Your WordPress Maintenance service NOW!!!!

Musselwhite Marketing is a digital marketing maintenance specialist that also offers numerous SEO and marketing services, including search engine optimization, email marketing, and content writing and editing. However, the gem in our crown of website maintenance services is our diligent, personally-handled WordPress maintenance services, which can be had for a nominal fee and probably lower than what you can on your own. For more information check out our WordPress maintenance service page or contact us (951) 291-1774 or today.


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