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Why Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

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Affordability, free themes, and ease of use, are just some of the most beneficial aspects and reasons why search engines love WordPress websites.

Since WordPress is a content management system (CMS), search engines pick up WordPress sites more easily, making it one of the top platforms for business websites.

WordPress Permalinks:

WordPress allows you to create permalinks for each blog post and page you create. When someone searches for a specific keyword, search engines can easily find the information via permalinks.

WordPress SEO Plugins:

WordPress is well-known for its variety of plugins. There are several SEO-related plugins that will help you understand what keywords work well with search engines and swiftly index your website.

WordPress Tags in Posts and Pages:

A tag is a keyword or set of keywords placed at the bottom of each post or page you create. Tags are beneficial because you can create specific words that relate to your content, making it much easier for search engines to pick up your website.

WordPress Categories:

Another valuable feature that WordPress offers is the ability to create categories. Categories make it simple for visitors to find specific information without having to browse through unorganized content.
This works well for rankings because it helps search engines index your site. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to name each category with the correct keyword so that it will be easier to index.


When you link a blog or webpage to another similar blog or page, it helps search engines find your website and boost it in search results. In addition, interlinking is wonderful for optimizing your keywords. WordPress has built-in features that allow you to interlink as many times as you want.

Content Management System (CMS):

WordPress is a CMS, meaning you can update, change, add, and edit information at any time without relying on a web developer to help.

This helps to keep your content fresh and relevant, something search engines love. With the creation of Google Panda and Spiders (or crawlers), search engines now filter out redundant content and search more for fresh, original information.

Whenever you update your website with new material, search engines pick up this information, which in turn helps boost your search rankings.

4 Ways to Apply This Information Now

  1. It’s been rumored that if you’re not updating (think blogging) at least every 14-days your website could start to loose rank.
  2. If you’re building (or planning to build) your website, make sure to create an content calendar that adds something new every 14-days at a minimum .
  3. Share this article on LinkedIn (or Your Favorite Social Media Site). Sharing quality content increases your visibility and credibility with your existing contacts, creating conversations and potentially new business.
  4. Leave a comment below. Let’s start a conversation about to increase and improve the online visibility and search results of your website, best practices, etc…

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