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4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Good social media marketing has the ability to grow your business by leaps and bounds. In contrast, bad social media marketing can make your business look inept and out-of-touch, doing more to harm your reputation than expanding your reach and engaging your customers. Here are some of the most common social media marketing mistakes we see small businesses make.

Being on All Platforms—Even If They Don’t Make Sense for Your Business

Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a social media marketing expert these days and a lot of these so-called experts have a vested interest in getting small businesses to set up shop on every single platform and website out there. If they can get paid to set up your insurance business on Reddit, Flickr, and TikTok, why not? 

We’ve seen businesses on the most obscure social media platforms simply for the sake of being there, but this is a terrible strategy—you need to focus your efforts on the platforms where your customers are and forget about the others!

Inconsistency and Going MIA

One of the results of stretching yourself too thin on too many platforms is inconsistency. Other businesses tend to go weeks or months between social media posts when they’re managing them in-house. Things get busy and they stop posting, then when things slow down, they start up again. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to post 20 times a day to get results, but you do need to have some kind of regular presence, otherwise it’s simply not worth being on social media at all. If you can’t hire someone in-house to manage social media marketing, consider using an agency to improve your posting consistency.

Posting Uninspired Content

If all of your content is built around making sales and self-promotion, you’re doing it wrong. People won’t respond to these posts and when your posts are ignored, your reach will get smaller. Even worse, some followers may choose to hide your posts or unfollow your account if they feel you’re only on social media to market yourself. 

Share community events, stories and photos from customers, and even light-hearted memes and jokes. Humor works exceptionally well on social media, but it can be hard to get it right—naturally, you’ll want to avoid anything too edgy or controversial, but don’t be afraid to be silly or even show your employees having a bit of fun at the office.

Not Engaging With Your Followers

Think of social media as an ongoing conversation. If you had a friend who just droned on and on about himself and didn’t ask about you or even respond to your comments, you probably wouldn’t stay friends very long! 

The same holds true for social media. You shouldn’t just log in once a day to post your prewritten messages and leave. Check your private messages, wall posts, and comments and respond to them thoughtfully and tactfully. If this feels overwhelming to you, hire someone else to handle it—don’t just skip it because doing so gives your followers the impression that you don’t care about their feedback.

Learn More About Social Media Marketing

At Musselwhite Marketing, we provide social media management for a wide range of small businesses. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your company thrive on social media.

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