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3 Reasons Your Insurance Agency Needs A Blog

insurance agency needs a blog

What is your number one reason for having a website? To give information about your business to the billions of people on the internet.

Having a strong online presence correlates to a successful business because the more people see and know about your brand and business, the more likely they are to inquire about your services. 

But in a world where the competition is just a click away, how do you stand out and rise to the top of the search engines? You use strong and proven SEO tactics to help build your credibility and visibility online.  

One of those tactics is having a blog. Yes, really, a blog. 

A seemingly simple task can make a world of difference when it comes to ranking on search engines, boosting website traffic, and building trust with your audience. 

But you don’t have one, or maybe you did but didn’t keep up with it…Well, we are here to tell you that it’s an important piece to your insurance content marketing strategy and business success.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why your insurance agency needs a blog. 

Increase Your Online Presence

We mentioned above that blogs are one of the best SEO strategies your business can have. 

Trying to get to the top of the search engine results without a strong SEO strategy is like trying to climb Mt. Everest with no equipment. 

When you have a blog you are writing for people, real people who need questions answered and relevant advice to solve their problems. 

The search engine bots who crawl and index websites note this information and put it at the top of the page because it helps provide the users with what they need! 

Work smarter and more strategically to highlight your business online by starting, maintaining, and updating your insurance blogs on a regular basis. 

insurance agency needs a blog


Increase Website Traffic

Did you know that businesses that have a blog that is updated regularly see 55% more website traffic? This ties into reason number one of increasing your online presence. 

More website traffic means more eyes on your business. The best part? It’s people who are interested in your specific service! People who are reading about relevant insurance information are typically people who need your services! 

Make sure to write helpful and informative content with keyword-rich phrases to keep those viewers interested and coming back for more. 

Build A Better Connection

Don’t just be seen as “another insurance agency” in your market. Be looked at as the go-to resource for anything involving your niche of insurance by providing high-quality content like blogs. 

Insurance marketing is about connecting with people and building long-lasting, trusting relationships. A blog can do that before any personal interaction even takes place. 

It has been shown that over 80% of blog readers trust blog content and that having a blog increases the positive outlook a potential client has on that business. 

By showcasing your expertise and providing helpful and useful content that your target audience needs, they will recognize you as a trustworthy source and build an invisible connection without actually making a personal connection! 

By the time they reach out to you, they will already have built a foundation of trust and knowledge that you are a quality company. 

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