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Best SEO Tips For Insurance Agencies In 2022

As an insurance agency, what is your end goal? To get clients! When competition is just a click away, how do you market your business and your services to stand out from the rest?

There is a multitude of ways to market your business both physically (Billboards, newspaper ads, mailers, etc.) and online.  However, these insurance marketing tactics don’t always equal in value.  What do we mean by that? There are simply some marketing strategies that are better (and proven better) than others.

One of those strategies is SEO.

This is a strategy that has risen with the popularity of the internet, and in this article, you will learn what insurance SEO is, along with a few interesting statistics and the top SEO tips for insurance agencies!

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Well, what does that mean?” You’ve probably heard or read the word SEO when doing research for best marketing strategies, so now it’s time to learn what it actually means and how to leverage it for your business!

SEO is the process of improving or “optimizing” your website using relevant keywords, search terms, location, and high-quality content to rank among the top search engine results.

With SEO, it’s all about organic traffic.  It doesn’t depend on how much you spend on ads or anything else.  Organic traffic means that people have a need or interest in the products or services that you are offering, and when searching for this information, they find you!

70% of marketers say that SEO in 2022 is more important than PPC Ads (Pay-per-click). It is because nearly ¾ of online experiences start with a search engine! This means people are asking questions and need relevant answers! Another interesting statistic is that nearly ⅓ of consumers in the United States use search engines to find local businesses every day!

Think about what you do when you are trying to find information online.  Say you’re on vacation and you want to go eat a nice Italian meal. You type in a keyword or phrase like, “Italian restaurant near me,” and immediately, you get thousands of results.  Out of those thousands of results, how many do you actually look at? The first 5, maybe?

That is the power of SEO.  Those 5 restaurants have optimized websites that check all the boxes needed to answer your question.  They have the right location, keywords, content, and more that allow them to be front and center on the results page.

So how do you get there with your insurance agency? Keep reading! We’ve got the top SEO tips for insurance agencies coming up next!

see tips for insurance agencies

Tip 1: Page Speed

Now, this is not something that we’ve spoken about in the above example, but the loading speed of a website is absolutely crucial to boosting your SEO. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you will lose more than half of your potential leads before the page even loads!

A slow-loading website negatively impacts your SEO because search engine bots have caught onto this type of behavior and optimize and bump faster loading websites with similar content/services/products to the top of the search results.

A few ways to speed up your website and keep it from getting bogged down are:

  • Reducing file size and images
  • Minimizing the use of plug-ins
  • Upgrading your webhost
  • Minimize HTTP requests

Tip 2: Keyword Research

Keywords and phrases are the words prospective clients use when searching for a product or service that you provide! They are looking for answers to questions, and you can leverage your website to answer them!

Use location-based keywords around where your business is located so that when people search “Insurance agency near me” or “insurance agency Dallas TX” your website shows up!

It is also important to add information about your services and other details of your business.  So if someone is looking for a specific type of insurance, you will show up if that is what you provide!

Tip 3: Content Creation

Your website content is key to your success with SEO.  Providing high-quality content will help your business rise through the ranks of the search engine page results.  When you have this type of useful content along with blogs and other resources, you not only look like the experts in your industry, but the “bots” that crawl your website for SEO and ranking purposes will also recognize this!

Here are a few ways to improve your content:

  • FAQs – This might seem simple, but FAQs are filled with informative and relevant content that people are looking for! You are answering your most basic questions, but the rich content and keywords that will be involved in these questions and answers will help you rise to the top!
  • Blogs – Blogs are a major asset to your website because it helps to keep your main pages from being bogged down with too much overwhelming information.  You can use these blogs to expand on your services and expertise as well as keep visitors reading and moving to different pages of your website!
  • Reviews and interviews
  • Increasing but not “overstuffing” your website with niche, targeted keywords, and phrases.

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