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Optimizing Google Plus | Musselwhite Consulting

Small office home office and small to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs should have an optimized Google Plus page. Optimizing Google Plus page can make a huge difference in its success. The higher you place on Google, the more traffic you will get and in return. And, we all know that more traffic equals more chances to make a sale. The most important aspect is finding the right keywords to target for your business. You want highly searched for keywords in your local area. These keywords can be found using Google’s keyword tool and also by looking at what your competitor’s are ranking for.



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Google+ is more than just another social media platform; it can also be a strong tool in your SEO toolbox! Did you know Google Plus posts are indexed in search, as is your profile. This means you can be found when someone (a prospect) does a search of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…. Other social networks offer this in the network only.


Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Plus Page

  • Fill every field in your profile and page – leave no blanks
  • Link your Google Plus Page to Your Website
  • Link your Google Plus Page to Your Webmaster Tool
  • Set up Google Authorship – more on authorship in an upcoming post
  • Optimize your cover art or photo (see slide deck below to learn how)
  • Add profile links back to your Google Plus Page, your website AND to all of your other social media profiles

Google uses a variety of things to determine where you should be ranked. One of these is your website, so it’s important that you use the keywords on your website in the title and description. You should also create pages for the 5 categories to increase your ranking.

 When you are writing your description for your Google Plus page, you should incorporate the top 3 keywords. Another key factor is how many citations you have. This simply means how many different websites you are listed on showing your company name, address, website and phone number. Take time post this information on many different sites. Some of the important ones are Bing, YahooLocal, YellowPages, Yelp and SuperPages. Get started optimizing your Google Plus page now!

 Check out this awesome deck on optimizing your cover art or photo by Stephan Hovnanian

I know we sound like a broken record but if you’re not on Google Plus yet or just not taking full advantage of the Google Plus platform for your business let’s jump on a call and talk about it. Call us at (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at


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