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Why is Google Plus Important for My Business | Musselwhite Consulting

Google is focused on providing small office home office and small to mid-size businesses with a platform to advertise their businesses and eventually earn profit. Many businesses have seen positive change in their income within a very short span of time using Google Plus to its fullest benefit. When you join this site, you have the power to choose targets for your information through groups and circles.

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For “Circles”, you put people in different categories like family and acquaintances so that only they can see the information shared. We use circles to keep tabs on competitors, prospects, influentials, etc… a strong circle strategy can be a great compliment to a strong Google alert strategy. More on Google Alerts in an upcoming post.
“Groups” are a great way (tool) to network and prospect because they are full of people with similar interests and your customers can fall in various groups so that you can structure the intended message accordingly. Google Plus(G+) is also one of the best marketing platforms because the more people view your content, the higher your site is ranked in search engine optimization. This helps to direct more traffic to your site and increase the potential for profit.
“Hangouts” are one of our favorite tools right now. We’ll do an depth post on “Hangouts” soon, just know that Hangouts are beneficial to your business because they allow you to hold meetings, with prospects, clients, partners, freelancers, etc… You can screenshare and share documents through Hangouts too. We use Hangouts to interview influentials, participate in global masterminds, meet with clients, etc.. all made possible by Hangouts (similar to chatrooms but with audio and video) created to accommodate up to ten people at a time for video conferences. Google is currently beta testing larger groups of up to 25 people. We’re happy with 10 people because more than that and interaction management becomes a chore.
Google+ isn’t Facebook and may never gain its popularity but Google has a lot of powerful benefits to offer a business. If you’re not on Google Plus yet or just not taking full advantage of the Google Plus platform for your business let’s jump on a call and talk about it. Give us a call (951) 291-1774 or drop us a line at Contact@MusselwhiteMarketing.com and let’s discuss it.

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