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Local Search Ranking Tips

Your Business Can Dominate Google, Bing & Yahoo! Search

Local Search Ranking Tips
Contact Musselwhite Marketing to Dominate your business on Google, Bing, & Yahoo Search

To help you along the path to outstanding search engine results for your business, here are some Local Search Ranking Tips of what it takes to dominate the Web. For best results, a combination of local search, SEO and Internet marketing methods are put into action, then tweaked and refined over time.


High ranking search engine results rely on your ability to:

• Optimize your Google Places listing.
• Build more citations (links leading to your site) than offered on your competitors’ sites.
• Carefully select and use specific local keywords on your website.
• Consistently get backlinks to your website, preferably on a monthly SEO plan. Never stop! Make sure your links are better than your competitors’ links. 

Search Ranking TIPS!!!!

1. Optimize Your Google Places Listing
2. Build Citations for Your Website
3. Optimize Your Website With Keywords
4. Local Link Building With Off-Site SEO
There are many other link-building strategies, but these ideas give you the basic overview of a plan that works for most businesses. SEO experts recommend investing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to approximately $1,000 a month in link building.


 For instant search engine optimization that captures the attention of potential local customers via Google, Bing, Yahoo! and many other high quality sites, contact us at or 951-291-1774.

Musselwhite Marketing is an advocate of small business marketing! We’re constantly looking for great content, ideas, and strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As the Small Business Marketing Advocate team, our primary objective is to equip you with solid, fundamental, best practices that reliably move your business forward. Call us at (951) 291-1774 or send us an email ( if you have any questions or comments about Entrepreneur and Small Business Marketing. We like to hear from you.

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