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Become a Digital Marketing Master

I can’t……

It’s too difficult……

I’ll be fine with what I already know….

The word “digital marketing” can sound intimidating because “digital” leads to the false assumption that one has to be a tech guru to truly harness its capabilities.  At Musselwhite Marketing we want to let you in on a little secret……

That’s a lie that you need to stop believing!

If you’re a business or agency owner, startup founder, employee/marketing professional, or student, we want to equip you to confidently take on the online frontier and increase your skills to a level you never thought possible.  As a previous certified partner with Digital Marketer we are firm believers in the digital marketing mastery courses they offer, so much so that these are requirements for ALL of our new employees as a necessary part of their onboarding.  We want you to enjoy the same success we’ve had!  Some of the numerous benefits you can expect are:

Attract and retain better, higher-paying clients 

  • Gain insights from leaders in every area of digital marketing.  The sheer number and  lifetime value of your clients will increase because you’ll have tapped into a well of wisdom that can generate better results for them.  

Increase your value to the company 

    • Addressing a shortfall in your business skill set ahead of time and eliminating any need for on the job training can save the company money and help you avoid making mistakes as you launch your career.  And while you’re at it, why not pave the way to a promotion or raise?    

Add specialized skills to your resume 

    • Are you finding it hard to set yourself apart from other graduates? Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for qualified candidates who show initiative, and what better way to display that then certifications in the very areas they’d have to train you in if hired.  Knowing you have an understanding of the industry practices and terminology may even place you ahead of somebody with more experience in the field!

Train members of your own team 

    • Set aside some time at the office or have them take them on their own time from the comfort of their home.  Either way it’s much cheaper than sending them to a conference or semester long college course to pick up the necessary knowledge.  With these tools you’ll ensure that they’re up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.

Plug into a community of dedicated marketers 

    • Use them as a soundboard for ideas you’re wanting to implement, get feedback and important critiques before you launch your new company website, or ask for recommendations on the best software for project management. 

Gain confidence at an accelerated rate 

    • Give yourself a solid foundation of learning to use as a springboard to financial freedom.  Companies will seek you out and make the dreaded job search a much more manageable area of your life until you find a home. 

Read more about the pros & cons of marketing training in the digital age. 

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Digital Marketer Toolbox

Offering courses in the most essential areas that any digital marketer should be up to speed on, Digital Marketer provides the following certifications:

Typically running 6-12 hours, these online modules with downloadable resources are easy to fit around your busy schedule and will enable you to be the most equipped marketer in the room.  The instructors are engaging, dynamic, and only share proven and effective marketing techniques that have worked in their business. 

Personal Branding

As well as a great onboarding tool for new staff, the courses that are being continuously updated deliver much greater value than what you’ll pay for to access them.  Once you finish the training and take the mastery exam, you’ll be proud to display your certificates across your social media channels such as: 

LinkedIn (see below for an example of how your profile will look),

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other sources you can think of to shout out your hard work.  Personal branding is sure to get a huge boost when prospective employers or your current bosses learn of your achievement.  Additionally you’ll receive a certificate to do what you please with.  May I suggest framing it and putting it in your office as a constant reminder of how far you’ve come?

Why Digital Marketer?

Because it’s the premier online community trusted by 126,000+ marketers and companies alike.  Some of their clients include:

Harper Collins logo | Musselwhite Marketing
Infusionsoft logo | Musselwhite Marketing
Uber logo | Musselwhite Marketing

As one of the worlds most trusted voices with customers in 68 countries, they continue to share the best of what works in digital marketing.  Their founder and CEO Ryan Deiss is a best selling author who has been called one of the world’s leading digital marketers by Shark Tank star, Daymond John.  Co-author of Digital Marketing For Dummies and other works, his Austin, Texas based company has been breaking the mold for 10 years.    

According to their LinkedIn page, “We want you to be up-to-date with market data and see trends before they sweep the industry!”  Any company can pool industry data together, but only experts leverage it to predict shifts that will affect all, some for better, and some for worse.  A track record that boasts success should speak for itself, but it’s the employees at Digital Marketer who really make it worth investing time and money in.  We believe in what they do and we trust you will as well. 

We could go on and on about how amazing they are but we’d rather let you read about it for yourself………

What their customers are saying

Musselwhite Marketing – Certified Partner 

As a previous Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we at Musselwhite Marketing came alongside them to work towards the goal of doubling the size of 10,000 businesses by 2020! Each course closely aligns with our 7-Pillars of Digital Marketing strategy, that we believe are central to winning in any industry: 

Whether you want to hand off some of the day to day marketing activities, or are seeking a complete overhaul, each member of our team brings unique skills and perspectives to ensure you get the most out of our services.  By tapping in to an exclusive Facebook group consisting of the Digital Marketer staff and marketing professionals from around the world, and other valuable tools, we consistently strive to deliver actionable metrics and improvements across all of your digital marketing spectrums.  

What people are saying about us:

If you’re an individual, team, or enterprise that wants to keep their hands on the pulse of the industry, your future marketing and sales efforts will soon have the capability to turn you into a sales getting machine!  If you’re ready to stop playing catch up with the other players in your industry, these Digital Marketer trainings just might be what you are looking for.

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Charles Musselwhite is an author, speaker and  co-owner of Musselwhite Marketing (est 2009) along with his wife Linda Musselwhite. Together they are “CaLM” (Charles and Linda M). Charles is an Ontraport Certified Expert and a previous DigitalMarketer Certified Partner holding several DM certifications.

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