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Creative Contractor Marketing Tips

Being a contractor is a lucrative career choice. Someone somewhere is going to want something built. However, despite the skill of many contractors, there are times where they struggle to find clients. Expecting clients to come flocking to you on skill alone is certainly ambitious, but your skill won’t be known without putting in the work first.

Marketing yourself is important as a contractor because it’s a competitive field. Even if you are in the middle of another job, keep people’s eyes glued to your contracting work. Contractors are often busy on long-term projects that take months, which leaves little time for much else.

Today, let’s talk about a few tips to follow for marketing yourself as a contractor.

Start a Social Media Account

Social media is the first step towards any marketing strategy in today’s digital landscape. Every business benefits from a social media account, and contracting is no different. Sponsored ads, viral posts, and an essentially free mini-website make social media an attractive choice for marketing yourself

Young and old people alike will have some form of social media that you can reach out to them on. Social media lets these people quickly and easily reach you through built-in messaging platforms. Not to mention, you can post about promos, successful projects, and other relevant material to give your business even more traction.

Build Yourself a Website

While social media should be your first step, building a website is the second. Social media is only the hook for your potential customers. Your website should be the main hub for your pricing, offerings, projects, and customer service. A website is more professional and allows the contractor to have full control of how they present themselves.

A professional website should summarize your entire business on the homepage alone. A brief sales pitch along with an array of successful projects should be front and center on your homepage.

Essential information to include on your website should be the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Customer Service Features
  • Testimonials from Happy Customers
  • Pictures of Successful Projects
  • Online Booking
  • About Us Page

Introduce potential clients to your site via social media and email marketing.

Implement SEO

Every website needs to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to extend its reach. Word of mouth can get you far, but SEO reaches places that you wouldn’t even consider. Research proper SEO etiquette and hire skilled copywriters in your ranks. Consultation with a marketing agency in this regard is highly recommended.

SEO is the clever use of keywords to ensure that your website is among the first results for a specific term. For example, if you are a contracting firm in Oregon, you must integrate the keywords “Oregon contractor” into your website. This is done through blog posts and informational articles. That’s only one of many keywords that you will be using for your business.

Start Geofencing

This is a new technology that is nonetheless incredibly promising. Geofencing builds a virtual “fence” around a certain area. In this case, this would be the immediate area around your business. 

Once people come inside this fence, they will get notified of your business on their device. Alternatively, their ads will start reflecting your business’ sponsored ads on social media and other websites.

Geofencing is a great way to build up your local clientele. Don’t limit your geofences to your immediate area. Places like convention halls and local food places are great places to target because people won’t be moving as much.

Share Video Content

Another way to showcase your firm’s strengths is through video marketing. A great way to entice customers is video tours of successful projects. You could do this by yourself or hire professional vloggers. Your videos should be entertaining but informative. Show off innovations that your contracting firm offers such as AI-processed scheduling or 3D software blueprints.

If your video is all fluff, then customers might not even know they were being sold a service. On the other hand, potential clients might click off the video if it’s too dry. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, and if you search for contracts on there right now, you’ll get millions of results. 

There is a strong niche in video marketing for contractors. An Instagram account is also highly recommended. It fields a similarly high number of monthly visitors and is arguably even more accessible.

Ask for Referrals

If you successfully finish a project, capitalize on your customer’s high spirits by asking them about potential customers. In exchange for discounts or freebies on future projects, they will promise to speak well about your business to their friends and family. 

Brand ambassadors could also act as your referrers. They will act as your business’ “face” in the public eye and recommend your contracting firm when relevant. The best pool to get your ambassadors from would be your very own happy customers.

Don’t forget, word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. No source is more trustworthy than someone close to you, after all.

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