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A Crap Website can Cost You Customers

Website Internet Technology Online Connection Concepts No matter how professional your company is or how strong your services are, a poor website design could (probably will) cost you more than you think.

Today, your website may be the first thing that consumers (potential prospects) see before making a purchasing decision. Think of your website as your virtual store front (your virtual brick and mortar).

People are turning to the Internet to find products and services now more than ever.
If you’re unsure if your website is up to the standards of consumers, there are several telltale signs…

Subpar Website Functionality:

It’s important to ensure that all your links, videos, and graphics are running smoothly at all times. In some cases these issues may be unbeknownst to you, but make sure you’re proactive and get a problem repaired as soon as possible.

Website User Experience:

Consumers want websites that are easy to use yet still provide eye-catching options. For example, a simple link that directs them to a product isn’t as pleasing a link highlighted in blue, with a beautiful picture and a product description beside it.

In addition, service information and products should always be easy to find. Obscure, hard-to-find information is a disappointment to consumers as they want to find things as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Website Categories:

Your website should be designed with categories for each product and/or service you offer. This not only helps your site look cleaner, but it also ties into the user experience, making it simpler to find information.

If your products and service information is scattered sporadically throughout your website with no order, then your site probably needs an overhaul.

Website Font Size, Text, and Search Boxes:

Outdated text, hard-to-read fonts, and websites without a prominently placed search box all plays a part in a poorly designed website.

If your website isn’t designed in a user-friendly way, you run the risk of not only losing potential paying customers, but also current customers as well.

  • Consumers do research before they make purchasing decisions, whether in-store or online. If your website isn’t designed with the customer in mind, these consumers can easily move on to a similar business with a better website.

  • Word gets around easily online, especially via reviews. If someone has a difficult time on your website, there is a good chance that this information will be shared with others.

  • Most people don’t return to a difficult website, including, in some instances, current customers.

4 Ways to Apply This Information Now

  1. Review your website with these items in mind making note of where you need to apply some attention.
  2. If you’re building (or planning to build) your website, make sure to include these points in your plans.
  3. Share this article on LinkedIn (or Your Favorite Social Media Site). Sharing quality content increases your visibility and credibility with your existing contacts, creating conversations and potentially new business.
  4. Leave a comment below. Let’s start a conversation about your website project, WordPress, etc…

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