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7 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re a digital marketer, you already know that email marketing is a win-win for businesses and consumers. Email campaigns allow companies to inform people who’ve signed up to receive emails about various things, such as the introduction of new products or special events, and consumers can pick up actionable information from emails or they can be entertained by an email’s content for a few minutes.
While those things are great, it can be challenging to come up with fresh, compelling content for emails and newsletters. This is particularly true if you’ve been creating email newsletters for a long time. Whether you’re a business owner conducting your own email marketing campaigns or a marketer who handles email marketing for clients, it’s vital for you to innovate and evolve to overcome the challenge of struggling to create interesting email and newsletter content.
At Musselwhite Marketing, we firmly believe that email is one of the seven foundational pillars of a successful digital marketing plan. Because email is such an important part of a digital marketing strategy (or should be), we want your email campaigns to be as effective and fresh as possible. With that goal in mind, we’ve put together some tips that can help you breathe some life back into your emails and newsletters.

Make Them Personal

Many companies are searching for ways to make interactions with their businesses more personal. While it can be difficult to make a user’s experience with your website as personalized as you might want it to be, it’s much easier to personalize the content in the emails you send to your subscribers.
Because personalizing email content is so easy, there’s no sound reason for you not to do it to one degree or another. Addressing your subscribers by name at the start of your emails or even in the subject lines of your messages is one way to make your emails more personal. Creating custom content for specific groups of targeted subscribers is another way to make your emails more personal.

Send Videos

With the majority of the human population consisting of visual learners, video content is becoming even more popular, a trend which isn’t expected to reverse itself or slow down anytime soon. By including videos in your newsletters, you can generate interest and increase engagement with your audience. Putting videos in your emails may also increase the likelihood that your recipients will share your content on their social media pages, which will allow your content to reach a larger audience.

Use GIFs

If your emails and newsletters normally consist of text only and you’re not up to the task of using videos to spice things up, consider using GIFs to dress up your content instead. GIFs are creative animations that are typically effective at capturing a person’s attention when the individual opens your email. If you want to highlight certain must-read content, using a GIF is a smart, easy way to draw your readers’ attention to that information.

Target People Who Need to Replenish Supplies and Cart Abandoners

Email marketing is an effective way to target people who need to replenish their supplies and those who abandoned their shopping carts. When you remind people they need to order some additional supplies to avoid running out or that the products in their abandoned cart might sell out soon, you’re putting your products back in the forefront of their minds, which is exactly where you want them to be.
To get people to shop with your business again or to convince them to return to their abandoned shopping carts to complete a transaction, you might want to include an incentive in your targeted emails. Free shipping or a discount are just two examples of incentives you might want to consider.

Feature Social Proof

Whether it’s through online reviews or face-to-face personal recommendations, there isn’t anything better for drumming up business and instilling confidence than word-of-mouth. While you can’t share personal recommendations with your subscribers, you can use your emails to achieve the same positive effects that often derive from personal recommendations by sharing positive testimonials from actual customers in your emails.
Many kinds of emails are great for featuring social proof about your company and the goods or services you sell. Here are a few of the email types you may want to include some rave reviews in:

  • Transactional emails
  • Emails sent to people in the consideration phase of the buying process
  • Emails sent to consumers who you might be able to upsell
  • Cart abandonment emails

Create and Promote a Referral Program

A referral program is a wonderful way to get your subscribers to tell others about your business and your products or services. While you’ll probably run your referral program using your website, you can create email content that promotes your program. You can also use email as a means for people to make referrals. Since you’re already sending transactional emails, you may want to include reminders about your referral program in those messages.

Look Internally for Relevant Content

In many instances, consumers want to know that they’re doing business with a company that shares their values and viewpoints. To reinforce that you have these things in common with your target audience, you should share information about your company with your email subscribers.
What kind of internal information might your email recipients want to consume? They might want to learn about any new products or services you’re developing. They may want information about the awards or nominations your organization or employees have earned. Your subscribers may want to read what your CEO has to say about a meaningful topic or they may want to know if any positions are available within your company. And those are just a few of the things your email recipients might want to know about.

Our Email Marketing Services

As we mentioned earlier, we believe email should be an important component in your digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re interested in starting an email marketing program or you already have one that’s fallen flat in recent weeks or month, our email marketing agency can help. We can also help if you want to learn about email marketing so you can conduct your own campaigns or how you can improve the effectiveness of your current campaigns.
Read about our email marketing services now, and contact Musselwhite Marketing to learn more about our services or training programs today.


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