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6 Social Media Tools Everyone in the Marketing Industry Should Be Using

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It’s not a secret that a growing number of people in our connected society are relying on the Internet more and more these days. Given that fact, businesses in just about every conceivable industry must have a presence online. Having a website and blog, however, are no longer enough to establish it. Now, you must also use social media platforms to establish and maintain your digital presence.
Even if you don’t use social media to promote your business or your goods or services yet, you’ve probably already noticed that a lot of companies use social media to promote themselves when you use your personal accounts. Why have so many organizations flocked to social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for promotional purposes? Because social media marketing can be highly effective.
While social media marketing is clearly affordable and highly effective when done right, it can be hard to make your business stand out when so many other organizations are already using social media platforms to promote themselves. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out with social media or you already have established accounts for your business, there are a number of third-party social media management tools you can use to separate your organization from its pack of competitors.


If your business is on Instagram, SocialDrift can be your best friend. It automates interactions on the popular social media platform, which can be helpful if you’re trying to increase the number of people who are following your business organically.
To use SocialDrift, you simply need to provide the app with some information about your ideal Instagram followers. Using that information, SocialDrift will employ artificial intelligence to interact with Instagram users with likes, follows and comments. As a result of this engagement, Instagram users often end up following the businesses that use SocialDrift.
If you’re new to Instagram, you might not be familiar with the platform’s bot, which is named Securebot. SocialDrift is also able to use Securebot to increase the number of quality followers your business has on Instagram.


If you maintain multiple social media accounts for your company, Buffer will likely become one of your most valued social media tools very quickly. This app can handle multiple social media accounts, organize each one and make managing your social media accounts much less of a headache.
Buffer allows you to pre-schedule your posts across many social media channels. The app also has several tools and capabilities that make preparing posts and monitoring your social media accounts much easier. The app has a photo editing tool, for example. The app is also set up to allow group collaboration and to provide detailed information about how your social pages are performing.


If you’re on certain social media platforms and use graphics and videos in your social posts often, you’ll love MavSocial. That’s because this app was created for businesses that use lots of graphics and videos in posts on the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

MavSocial allows its users to schedule content and preview it on all the platforms just listed. If you don’t have new content to share on those social media sites, you can simply reschedule some of your previous content through MavSocial. MavSocial has features for analyzing your social engagement, collaborating with others and creating social media marketing campaigns. MavSocial has five user plans for you to choose from.


Ever since Snapchap introduced the notion of stories back in 2013, the popular concept has spread to a lot of other social media sites. Storyheap was created to help businesses like yours manage their stories directly on the Internet.
As you’d expect, Storyheap can provide insightful metrics that tell you how successful your current story is. What might surprise you is the app’s ability to gauge how popular your brand’s story will be in the future.
Right now, Storyheap is only compatible with Snapchat and Instagram. That’s expected to change as support for more social media sites is reportedly being developed.


While you may know it’s always advisable to use high-quality, high-resolution images on your website and in your social posts, getting this imagery on your own isn’t always a practical option. What do you do when you need great pictures for your social media posts but don’t have the time or resources to capture them yourself? You turn to Unsplash, of course!
Unsplash is a comprehensive database of watermark-free images that you can use without incurring any fees. You can search for pictures by typing a subject into Unsplash’s search bar or you can browse collections with ease.
When you find a picture you want to use, you can download it for free. Alternatively, you can save the image in your own collection so you can use it at a later time.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with fresh content for your social media posts, you’ll be glad to have found uses detailed data analytics along with scheduling and publishing tools to enable brands to provide compelling content that’s relevant and meaningful to their social followers. supports more than 20 social media platforms. The app can monitor what’s being said about your brand on social media, examine the decisions that your followers make when they use their social media accounts and provide suggestions about how you can engage your target audience better. If you’re trying to rework your current social media marketing strategy, is one of the most effective social media management tools you’ll come across.


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To learn more about our services or our training programs, or for additional advice about the tools everyone involved with social media marketing should be using, contact Musselwhite Marketing today.

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