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5 Basic Ways to Increase Facebook Likes and Engagement

Musselwhite Marketing Facebook LikesWith over one billion active users, Facebook is arguably the most—powerful marketing platform for small businesses today. Because of its popularity and ease of use it’s not surprising that a lot of businesses leverage the widespread reach of Facebook to promote their businesses.

But how do you increase Facebook likes?

You and I both know however, that simply creating a Facebook page for your business is not enough to get people in the door. You need to get people to like your posts and keep them engaged with your activities. How then, do you increase your Facebook likes and engage your social media audience?

1. Share Fun Facts Directly Related to Your Brand

Depending on your business, fun facts sell. Most folks (especially Facebook users for some reason) can’t help but click on posts and topics that are completely out of the ordinary. If your business and target audience (probably not for funeral homes or brain surgeons) lend itself to being a little fun or even quirky you might give fun facts a try.

Keep in mind, though; even crazy and fun facts should have a connection to the brand image you are promoting. You should choose and post fun facts that relate to your service, products, or employees.

2. People Love Tips and Secrets Revealed

If you have something worth sharing, please do. Be generous with what you know. Whether it is your knack for scoring the best travel deals, great unknown restaurants or finding the best car insurance providers, Facebook users can’t resist reading about them.

Post photos and tips that will be useful to your Facebook audience and friends. If you have a photography business, for example, post great photos you have taken and write a few tips on how your audience can capture fantastic photos using their cell phone cameras.

The important thing to remember is to keep these posts interesting, useful, and empowering. A clear understanding of what your Facebook audience is interested in will help you identify posts that many people will like and share.

3. Before and Afters

If you’re a service business or personal health business, etc… a picture (or two) can be worth new business. It’s hard to resist the before and after photos that show an amazing transformation of kitchen makeover, a backyard clean up, dental transformation, weight loss, etc… These are easy to do and don’t require much more than a smartphone!

4. Ask and Encourage Questions

One of the easiest way to get your Facebook audience to engage is to ask them to do so. Again, it is important to know your audience well. Asking relevant questions can capture the attention you want. Encouraging your audience to ask questions by adding a personal twist to your posts will keep the comments and discussions coming.

5. Feedback is Good

If there is one true thing about Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s that people love sharing their opinions. If your Facebook audience loves to give feedback and make their opinions heard, who are you to stop them especially when they’re engaging on your page for your fans and their connections to see? It’s like they tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends, etc….

One tip is to post two different photos that you plan to use for a promotional event. Post these photos side by side and ask your Facebook followers which one they like best. In addition, encourage them to share the post to their friends to get more involvement.

Ask them for feedback about a recently launched product line. Ask them what they did and did not like about it. Ask them if they would recommend the product to friends; and if not, why. Feedback is your audience getting involved.

Always keep an open mind about new ways you can get your Facebook audience engaged with your posts. Stay focused and you will be surprised at the results that will follow.

6 Ways to Apply This Information Now

  1. Create a list of 10 fun or quirky facts and post daily or weekly
  2. Create a list of top 10 tips and post daily or weekly
  3. Create a list of engaging questions and post daily or weekly
  4. Visit our Facebook page and ask us a question
  5. Share this article on LinkedIn (or Your Favorite Social Media Site). Sharing quality content increases your visibility and credibility with your existing contacts, creating conversations and potentially new business.
  6. Leave a comment below. Let’s start a conversation about how to get more customers from Facebook regardless of your business, etc…

Are you leveraging Facebook for new prospects? Is your target audience finding you on social media?

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