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YouTube Search Engine

YouTube Search Engine
The YouTube Search Engine can be a game changer to your business!
You probably already know that YouTube is currently the #2 search engine in the world! According to Entrepreneur magazine, YouTube is also the world’s largest video-sharing site.
So why is this important to SOHO’s (small office/home office) and SMB’s (small to mid-size businesses)? Because in our opinion these businesses currently have a window of opportunity in which to leverage the strength, reach and engagement of video marketing.
Google in conjunction with YouTube (which BTW is owned by Google) have made it simple and cost effective (FREE) to tell your story and build your businesses video library. We’ve had first hand experience with the tremendous benefits of video in search engine results and SEO. We’re convinced that the proper formula and execution will help most businesses with their search engine results too!
Check out the infographic (below) from the folks at Mushroom Networks for more info on using YouTube videos in your business.

Created by Mushroom Networks
David Meerman Scott states in his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR “the evidence describing how people actually research products overwhelmingly suggests that companies must tell their stories and spread their ideas online, at the precise moment that potential buyers are searching for answers”. Currently video is one of the strongest ways for you to syndicate and share your story.
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