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What’s your plan for 2012?

This question isn’t about your New Year’s Resolution, we all have resolutions whether it’s to lose weight, workout more or organize the office, we all have a list.  The question is (what’s your plan) about your Commitments and Actions to your business this year.  Will this be the year you start your own business and get out of the rat race? Will this be the break out year you’ve been working so hard for?

Our plan for 2012 is simply to capitalize on and implement the things we learned in 2011 from folks like Grant Cardone (author of 10X Rule), Amy Porterfield (FBinfleunce), Lewis Howes (LinkedInfluence), James Wedmore (Video Traffic Academy), Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy (GKIC), Loral Langemeier (The Millionaire Maker), Mike Koenig (Traffic Geyser), Jim Cockrum (Silent Sales Machine), Scott Fox (Click Millionaires), etc…. We’re not name dropping, we’re identifying folks that have measurable and demonstrated SUCCESS in their related fields as consultants.

2012 is the year we execute on our marketing and business plans instead of writing them out and sticking them on the bookshelf until December 2012 and wondering where the time went and why we didn’t reach our goals (sound familiar).  For this to happen though, we must be DELIBERATE and INTENTIONAL with everything we do in our business. This year we are outsourcing things that we can pay someone to do better than we can.  This year we are automating things like prospecting and follow up because it’s too easy for life to get in the way and we drop the ball on consistently (everyday) filling the funnel.  This year we are committed to leveraging the power and reach of video in our marketing and have scheduled a minimum of 24 videos for 2012!

So again, the question is what is your plan for 2012?  What are you going to do to make 2012 better than 2011?
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