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What Is Ontraport? Streamline Your Business with this Powerful Visual Marketing Platform

Musselwhite Marketing - Ontraport Solves Problems

As an entrepreneur or the owner of a small business, you may find yourself using old laborious tips and tricks to connect with your clients. You may have launched your business with some success, and you might have even added a payment system and a contact management platform. Maybe your big change of the year was adding automated appointment reminders to your technological repertoire.

If you are struggling to piece together all the different ways you can market your business to customers while keeping up with your business’s profits, consider using a marketing management program like Ontraport to solve your short-term problems and address your long-term goals. Below are several benefits of using Ontraport as well as key information about the system itself.


1. What Exactly is Ontraport?

What is Ontraport?  It is a “business automation software for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses” that incorporates tools like CRM, marketing automation, ECommerce and reporting.

In short, it’s a platform that allows you to manage and streamline all aspects of your marketing from initial lead generation to appointment reminders to follow up emails. Most small business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs all have one thing in common when they start their newest venture: They have to do an enormous amount of work all by themselves!

Whether you plan to own a bakery, sell handmade clothes online, set appointments for life coaching, or attract clients to your financial management firm, if you are starting a new business, you understand that you have to wear many hats in order to get things done. There are often no assistants, IT people, or marketing teams: There’s just you and maybe a co-owner or a small group of associates.

This intimacy can build camaraderie, or the close contact with just a few people might breed resentment over the long-term as you struggle to remember appointments, send emails, and follow up with leads. If you are in this situation as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have likely realized that you need help managing it all.

Ontraport is a platform on which you will be able to consolidate your small business’s marketing channels: It’s an automated powerhouse that will target your customers by using a combination of focused email campaigns, landing pages, and e-commerce. When using this software, you will be able to manage sales, stay on top of email campaigns, and keep customers coming back for more. It’s a simple yet powerful solution to the chaos that often ensues when you decide to launch your own business.

2. What Can Ontraport Do For My Business

Ontraport can help your business attract new customers, generate leads, follow up with your leads, and double back to check in with potential clients you may have forgotten. It can help you manage customer memberships and make more sales as well. For B2B service providers, Ontraport can help manage clients’ projects as well. By automating many of these simple processes, technology like Ontraport will free up your time to allow you to tackle more complex projects.


3. How Can Ontraport Help with Sales?

The most difficult part of organizing a new sales team — or streamlining an existing one — is that multiple people, even when working on the same project, can suffer from communication breakdowns that get in the way of your overall progress. Ontraport’s visual pipelines let you see the progress of a sale from the initial prospect to the signed contract.

When everybody on the team has a visual representation of the sales process, communication will be smoother, the next steps can be taken by the appropriate team members, and ultimately, sales will close faster and client projects will be managed in a timely manner. This big-picture overview will take the guesswork out of the sales process as well as the onboarding process for your new clients.

4. How Can Ontraport Help with Client Contact?

A lot of business owners have a love/hate relationship with email marketing. Some think that email marketing died out a long time ago, yet others rely on it as a cornerstone of their business strategy. Ontraport utilizes not only emails as a form of marketing, but phone calls, SMS messages, and concise appointment forms in order to direct your clients to you.

For example, Ontraport can help you stay in contact with your clients by booking their appointments either over the phone or through your website’s appointment form, generating reminder calls for this appointment, and sending a reminder text or a confirmation email at pre-set intervals before the appointment.

You will have the heavy lifting of remembering all of these details taken off your plate, and the client will be pleased with the level of care your company has dedicated to making sure they have a positive experience. In addition to Ontraport alerting your clients to appointments, it can help you stay in contact with your clients throughout the order fulfillment process from the purchase to the feedback email. It can also give you a visual overview of client project management for those businesses that work with other businesses.

5. Can Ontraport Help Me with Time Management?

Because Ontraport is so thorough, it will leave no stone unturned when it comes to generating leads, following up with those leads, and prompting you to take action within the visual pipeline. If your biggest weak spot as an entrepreneur is organization and time management — and in this past, this lack of attention to detail has cost you some important leads — consider that perhaps you were simply not using the right marketing software.

Ontraport helps you hang onto those important leads by utilizing several different methods of communication, reminding you to check in on those who have visited your site, and not letting you forget about potential clients who once expressed interest but whose accounts may now be growing cold. By letting automated software do the heavy lifting for you, you can rest assured that you will not forget something — or someone — important.

6. Can I Customize Ontraport?


Yes, you can. When viewing your visual pipelines, you will be able to change clients’ designated colors, sift through your client “cards” and sort them by clicking and dragging (though they can also be sorted automatically, if you don’t need the hands-on approach), and store important pipelines and setups so you don’t lose important information.

7. Isn’t Ontraport Really Expensive?

If you think of marketing software as a costly, risky endeavor, you might be working with outdated information! Ontraport offers several packages that range from the Basic to the Enterprise plan. Currently, these plans run from $79-$497 a month. When you choose Ontraport, you will be able to customize your marketing experience to your business’s specific needs. Additionally, you will be able to try Ontraport by selecting one of the lower-cost plans and moving up as your business grows.

8. Is Ontraport Difficult to Use?

Let’s be honest: You’re considering Ontraport because you want to select a platform that makes your life easier, not harder. Ontraport is designed with people like you — who have little free time to learn new software as a hobby and simply want something to maximize their small business’s growth — in mind.

Thankfully, the affordable cost of Ontraport does not detract from its quality. Its intuitive layout encourages you to experiment, and it is easy to rearrange client cards as well as to create templates for sales processes, visual diagrams of the onboarding process, and a big-picture workflow for everyone on your team to reference when necessary. 

9. Once I Purchase Ontraport, Will I Be on My Own?

This is an important topic which is worth a book of its own: As a small business owner, how do you stay connected to other people? Being an entrepreneur, especially when you first strike out on your own, can be a lonely and sometimes disappointing endeavor. So much rests on your shoulders, and your failures as well as your successes are often yours alone to bear.

Fortunately, there’s a high level of Ontraport support to look forward to. When you sign up for Ontraport, their award-winning customer service team will be available to you during business hours by way of phone, chat, and email. Additionally, you will be connected to social media groups for similarly minded Ontraport users.

10. How Can Musselwhite Marketing Assist My Business?

At Musselwhite Marketing, we understand that it can be both frustrating and exhilarating to be a small business owner or entrepreneur with so much on your plate and so little time. When you contact us, you will be able to speak with a certified Ontraport expert who can assist you with the implementation as well as the best practices when it comes to using the platform.

If you are interested in using a service like Ontraport to streamline your marketing processes and to give you some extra time and breathing room to focus on the important things while enjoying a successful business launch or re-branding, contact Musselwhite Marketing today to schedule your free 15-minute discovery session. We’re excited to tell you more about Ontraport and to explore any goals we can help you achieve.

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