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The Role of Social in Digital Marketing

social media marketing

What’s the point of marketing? While marketing can have many objectives, such as building brand awareness and loyalty, the main goal of marketing is to get people to buy the products or services your company sells. Marketing is also about solving the problems the members of your target market are grappling with and satisfying their needs and wants. In essence, marketing is how you communicate with your target audience.
In basic terms, digital marketing refers to using electronic media to promote your goods or services. While you may automatically think of the Internet when you hear the term “digital marketing,” this type of marketing is more broad based as it includes channels like digital billboards, television and radio as well as the Internet.
While the Internet isn’t the sole tool digital marketers use to promote brand awareness, establish trust and boost sales, it is one of the primary arrows in a digital marketer’s quiver. As such, you’d expect a digital marketing plan to include things like search engine optimization and content marketing.
With millions of people around the world using social media every day, often several times per day, you’d also expect social media to be a significant part of a digital marketing strategy. As far as we’re concerned, social media should be such a big part of a digital marketing strategy that we consider social one of the seven pillars you should build your digital marketing strategy on.

The Importance of Social Media

As you know, social media refers to the various online communication platforms people use to create, share and exchange information with each other. People flock to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with their friends and family members, get to know new contacts, network with other professionals and create communities. More and more, users are also turning to social media for news updates and to see what’s going on with their favorite brands.
When social media marketing is incorporated into your digital marketing strategy and executed well, it can yield meaningful results. Here are some of the benefits social media marketing can produce and an explanation of how those results can enhance your digital marketing efforts:

Insights into Your Target Market

When you use social media for business purposes, you can gain valuable insights into your target market. You can see your customers’ status updates, their posts and the type of content they respond to by taking an action, such as sharing a video or liking an article.
You can use this information to fine-tune your digital marketing practices so that your content resonates even better with your target audience. You can also update your ideal customer’s profile as the members of your target market age and their preferences change.

Enables Immediate Responses

By using social media to promote your goods or services, you’re giving people the opportunity to share their opinion about the things you sell as well as your brand and anything else that’s on their mind. When someone has something negative to say, you can respond immediately using social media. This is an incredible ability for your business because consumers respond positively to organizations that handle negative feedback head-on in a timely, truthful manner.
If someone makes a negative comment, it’s important for you to leave it available for everyone to read. Consumers know that every comment that’s made about your business isn’t going to be glowing. If you only leave positive comments on your pages, it will undercut your brand’s credibility.
Look at it this way – responding to a negative comment can be an effective way to market your business as a caring, responsive brand. So, let the world see how you handle comments that are less than flattering!

Generates Sales

It’s common sense that the more your brand stays in front of your customers and prospects, the more likely it is they’ll make a purchase. Social media is a wonderful platform you can use to keep your brand and your goods or services in the forefront of your target market’s collective mind. You can motivate the members of your target audience to buy something from you by offering them exclusive incentives to make a purchase on social media.

Saves Marketing Dollars

No matter how big or small your business is, your marketing dollars will only go so far in a typical fiscal year. Even if you’ve drained your entire marketing budget, you can still engage in social media marketing because it’s free. Since there is no fee to use social media, you can divert valuable marketing dollars toward other marketing channels like PPC ads.

Increases Brand Awareness

You can interact with your existing clients and prospects directly through social media. By sharing content, offering incentives and simply communicating with your followers, it increases the likelihood that they’ll share your posts on their own social pages and recommend your company, products or services to their on- and off-line friends.
This kind of activity can greatly expand awareness of your brand and increase the size of your target audience and pool of prospects many times over. It can also introduce your business to promising audiences you may not have thought about targeting before.

Creates Greater Brand Loyalty

Social media gives companies like yours the chance to really connect with their audience. You can ask your followers questions about their preferences, conduct contests, send private messages and share updates to engage your customers and prospects.
When you connect with your social media followers successfully, it increases the loyalty they have for your brand. You can leverage this loyalty and generate sales by offering personalized discounts on the things you sell. Your followers save money and you generate sales and increase their loyalty – it’s a win-win.

Contact Musselwhite Marketing

As Musselwhite Marketing, we understand how important social media is to any company’s digital marketing strategy. If you’re not using social media to promote your goods or services or you’re simply not seeing the results you’d hoped for, we can help.
Since 2010, we’ve helped small and mid-size businesses in many industries use social to enhance their overall digital marketing strategy with great success. And we can manage your social media so you can enjoy similar success.
If you want to manage your social media on your own, we can still help because we offer training in digital marketing and social media marketing. To learn more about the training we provide or our social media management services, contact Musselwhite Marketing now.

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