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5 Real Estate Digital Marketing Services You Should Be Using

real estate digital marketing services

In an industry where the competition is just a click away, how do you stand out from the crowd as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent? 

Your goal should be to create a brand for yourself which will support your business, drive new leads and allow you to grow.

But how do you do this if you’re trying to connect with future homeowners and clients? They are the heart and soul of the business, so why shouldn’t the majority of your time be spent speaking and meeting with them? 

Connecting with clients is a huge aspect of your business and is actually the end goal of an intelligent real estate marketing strategy. 

We know that you don’t have time to work your business online, schedule meetings with clients, run open houses, and more, but digital marketing should play a crucial role nonetheless. 

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing boosts your brand online and builds relationships with viewers and future homeowners before they even realize they are going to buy a home. 

It creates community and a feeling of trust knowing that many others utilize your services as well! 

So how do you do it all? You don’t. You allow an experienced digital marketing company (like us!) to help you build your online presence and gain more leads and clients than ever before! 

“But what digital marketing services should I be utilizing to do this?” We’ve got you covered by going over 5 of our main real estate digital marketing services below! 

Website Design & Update

Do you have a website? If not, that’s your first step. Your website is your digital personality! It tells the user everything they need to know in one place. 

Maybe you do have a website, but it’s outdated (more than 3 years old) and not very user-friendly. If your website isn’t user-friendly, adapted to mobile devices, clunky and slow-loading you will lose 90% of your visitors in the blink of an eye. 

Let us help you by allowing us to design or update your website to match your vision, mission, and values while also making it quick to load, easy to use and mobile-friendly! 


When you search for something online you get a list of results ranked from most reliable and relevant. How many times do you move away from the first page, let alone the top five results of that search? That is what SEO does. Search Engine Optimization uses your digital information to boost your appearance in search engines.

With our experience in SEO, we can help you rank higher on the search engines and be seen online by your target market! Be advised, however, that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time for SEO strategies and tactics to start paying off but when done correctly SEO pays dividends but it takes time.

real estate digital marketing services

Social Media

How is your social media presence? Do you have a Facebook and/or Instagram page showcasing your upcoming open house events, promoting your business by highlighting your recent closing, or providing relevant and useful information to potential homeowners? 

Having a consistent social media presence helps build community and relationships with people before they even need your business. By consistently posting and showing up on the feeds of your target audience you’ll have people knowing who you are before you even start a conversation. Social media helps drive the leads to you! 

Don’t fall behind the times, let our team boost your online presence and cast a wider net of potential leads!

Email Marketing

Now that you have leads, how do you keep them invested and connected in your business and urge them to take action? By connecting with them through email marketing based on their interests and needs. 

Sending out newsletters with helpful tips and information, letting people know of open houses in the areas they are looking for, or even sending a special message regarding a holiday or event can keep them nurtured and knowing who you are. 

We can create compelling and automated email marketing messages that start from a simple welcome all the way to scheduling to an appointment for a meeting. 


Don’t just speak for yourself, let your clients speak for you too! Word of mouth is the best way to market your business because it’s coming directly from people you have worked with! 

Having positive reviews and testimonials throughout your website, social media and email marketing messages is a great way to build trust with future clients because they know other people have had a positive experience. 

We can help you get the reviews you’re looking for and place them across the internet to showcase your hard work and dedication to your clients! 

Want To Learn More About Boosting Your Business Through Real Estate Digital Marketing Services?

Whether you are just getting started in the real estate industry or are a seasoned veteran looking to expand your business, having an intelligent real estate marketing strategy can allow you to grow and scale your business without spending hours cold-calling or burning the midnight oil. 

Let us help you develop the digital marketing strategy you need to take your business to the next level online! 

To learn more about Musselwhite Marketing we encourage you to continue reading our blog page (check out our most recent article, 5 Ways To Maximize Your Insurance Agency Ads On Social Media for some good tips), browse our website and services, and follow us on social media! 

You can also contact us to set up a discovery session to discuss your current digital marketing tactics and what we can do to help you achieve your goals. 

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