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Facebook Advertising For Insurance Agencies — 5 Tips

facebook advertising for insurance agencies

There is no doubt about the power of social media in advertising. Social media is a quick and effective way to connect with an audience, get eyes on your company, and prompt engagement with your business. Even with the rise of TikTok and other platforms, Facebook is still the biggest in the world with 2.11 billion active monthly users. If you want to reach an audience, Facebook is the way to do it.

Musslewhite Marketing understands the importance of Facebook advertising for insurance agencies and knows how to leverage Facebook to help you reach your sales goals. This blog covers our top five tips for anyone looking to invest in Facebook advertising for insurance agencies and how it can set your business up for long-term success.

Tip #1 — Deliver High-Quality And Valuable Content

Did you know Facebook visitors spend an average of 31 minutes on the platform per visit? Think what you could convey if you had 31 minutes of time with a target! 

With this length of time of engagement occurring on Facebook, companies can use this opportunity to organically deliver content-based advertising in the form of photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, stories, and so much more. 

This is your chance to educate. Answer questions. Solve problems. Create engaging blogs, videos, social posts, and provide your audience valuable, expert tips and information. Once you’ve established yourself as a trusted source of information, potential clients will turn to you when it comes time to purchase. 

Tip #2 — Use The Interests And Behaviors Feature

Facebook has many features to help you along the way. In fact, Facebook is renowned for its targeting capabilities. Advertisers can hyper-target prospects based on demographics, behaviors, and interests from data that Facebook makes available at the time campaigns are published.

This feature ensures advertisers to show the most relevant information to the correct people. By leveraging various data sources, advertisers are able to gather demographics and user behavior that they can then turn around and use to deliver personalized content in their social marketing efforts. 

Tip #3 — Retarget And Win

Here are a few statistics for you:


      • Retargeted ads have a click-through rate 10 times higher than regular ads

      • Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad 

    Those second, third, and extra ads do indeed make a huge difference when it comes to closing deals. The reason retargeting is so effective is that it allows agencies to reach out directly to those who have already shown an interest. If you’ve got an edge -— use it or lose the lead. 

    facebook advertising for insurance agencies

    Tip #4 — Social Proof Is Gold

    Have you heard 57% of businesses feel that Facebook stories have been pivotal in promoting their products?

    Facebook provides a unique platform for social proof in the form of stories, videos, live videos, chat, tagged photos, and even more. 

    When consumers see their peers engaging and benefiting from your services, they see evidence that your product is valuable. This is where something like contractor blogs and customer reviews come in handy. The proof is right there for consumers to see.

    Tip #5 — Focus On Local

    Facebook allows for demographic and localized targeting, and also offers location pages and local awareness ads. If you have an event, Facebook is a great place to not only get the word out, but to feature pictures, videos, and an RSVP option to prompt user engagement. 

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