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Email Marketing For Contractors — What Works And What Doesn’t

email marketing for contractors

Did you know 80% of business professionals say email marketing promotes customer retention? Email marketing works. Period. 

Email marketing for contractors is the preferred method for gaining new business. Think about it — everyone has at least one email address and they check it every day. Email is one of the most important means of communication we have that can convey high-quality details and valuable content like coupons. 

Exactly How Effective Is Email Marketing For Contractors?  

Both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor analyzed data and discovered that in the contracting home services industry:

  • The email open rate is 22.4% 
  • The click-through rate is 3.2%

Companies that leverage email marketing for pipeline and lead generation are increasing brand awareness and building new relationships with targets at an impressive rate. 

It’s even more impressive when you consider how cost-effective email marketing for contractors is. It just requires a little leg work to get your email list together. 

The List Is Vital 

How does your list look? Is it clean? 

Now if you are scratching your head and confused about why we are asking these questions, then you most definitely need to speak to an email marketing expert. This is one of the many services Musselwhite Marketing provides, along with a plethora of other services all geared towards helping you effectively execute and manage your digital and email marketing efforts. 

You begin an email list by collecting names and email addresses and keeping them in a database. Start by inviting your current customers to join your email list. Next you will set a schedule for how often you will distribute emails to your list. Consistency is important. If you want to send out an email every month during the third Thursday — that’s great. Stick to it.

Once you have a list established and a schedule, we recommend sending an automated welcome email to all of your contacts. You will do this every time you acquire a new subscriber as well.  

Over time you will want to do an assessment and clean your list, which is just an industry term for removing unengaged recipients or “bouncebacks”, and replacing them with new ones. 

Email Marketing For Contractors

Read The Room

Do you know your audience? I mean, really know them? 

Take your ideal client, and their goal, and generate content for them. Are your ideal clients renters, or are they homeowners? Think about it. Maybe they are homeowners who want to remodel, or perhaps they are a new family looking to build their forever home. 

Once you’ve established who your ideal clients are, you can create content that addresses pain points, problems, and offers to help them reach their goals. 

This is where inputting personalization comes into play. Email marketing already has some personalization involved, however, the level of personalization is what puts your marketing efforts above the competition. It’s this highly personalized approach that builds trust and loyalty.

Create Content With Purpose

Be purposeful with your email content. You want to create an air of excitement or curiosity to give your email recipients a reason to look forward to your correspondence and to keep your retention rate high. Whether it’s tips for surviving a home renovation or a list of the top 10 songs to listen to while you do construction work, be sure to tailor your content for your target audience and their goals, problems, and FAQ.

Compelling, purposeful content is what keeps your audience engaged and ultimately what will lead to a sale. In fact, a recent study shows 59% of respondents say that marketing emails have influenced their purchases.

Contact Musselwhite Marketing And Start Consistently Engaging Your Audience With High-Value Content

Schedule a discovery call to learn more about how we can help with email marketing for contractors. We also specialize in digital marketing for real estate and insurance companies, and we’re ready to share our knowledge and help you achieve your goals. 

If you’d like to see more about Musselwhite Marketing, check out our previous blog topic: Facebook Advertising For Insurance Agencies or browse our other articles. 

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