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 5 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing CTR 

email marketing CTR

We love email marketing and the automation it can provide! No matter what industry you’re in you can utilize email marketing to keep in touch with current clients and prospects to update them on the latest information without having to individually reach out to them.

Email marketing is cheap and puts the information right in the hands of the people you are trying to sell to! 

But when it comes to email marketing how do you maximize your email marketing CTR and ensure that your readers are taking the next step? 

We’ve got the answers! 

Here at Musselwhite Marketing, we understand that you are experts in YOUR industry (Insurance, Contractors, and Realtors) and not necessarily digital marketing specialists (like us!). So whether it’s contractor email marketing, real estate email marketing, or insurance email marketing, that you are trying to improve on, we have what it takes to help you boost your business through proven digital marketing strategies. 

If you’re ready to level up your business and improve your email marketing click-through rate, keep reading! 

Tip 1: Mobile Optimization

We cannot stress enough the importance of optimizing all of your digital platforms for mobile devices. Whether it’s your website or a simple email, having mobile-friendly versions is crucial. 

When half of the 4 billion email users are using mobile devices to check their emails, you better make sure that the email you’re sending is mobile-responsive! 

Tip 2: With CTAs – Less Is More

Even though the main goal of an email marketing campaign is to get viewers to click on the links, it’s been shown that when it comes to Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, less is more! 

When you bombard your readers with multiple in-text links and CTA buttons, they will ultimately become overwhelmed and NOT click on any due to too many options. 

Instead, opt for one CTA towards the top left side or top center of your email! If you find that buttons aren’t as effective, try using text links instead! Improving your email marketing CTR is all about trial and error to see what works for YOUR target market. 

email marketing CTR

Tip 3: Segmented Lists

Speaking of target markets, are you segmenting your email list based on interests? Research shows that when you send emails based on the interest of the reader, you’ll greatly improve your CTR.

For example, if you are a roofing contractor and you’re discussing shingle roofing replacements, you don’t want to send that to your gutter service clients, your metal roofing clients, or your commercial roofing clients, right? Because those emails will ultimately go straight into the trash since it has no interest to the end user. 

Take the time to segment your email list and send out emails based on that information! 

Now we aren’t saying to send those kinds of emails every time you send an email out, but if you’re looking to improve your email marketing CTR you’ll consider doing that at least once in a while (monthly as a suggestion)! 

Tip 4: Balanced Schedule

We keep mentioning that when it comes to emails, less is more. The same goes for the frequency of sending emails as well! 

We get an influx of hundreds of emails a day and let’s be honest, how many do we ACTUALLY take the time to read? 

Sending several emails a week will just convince the reader that they will be able to open one of the dozen more that is sure to come into their inbox in the coming weeks, so why open that specific one now? 

Instead, opt for sending an email 1 time a week, either in the early morning or later evening to maximize your CTR. 

Again, don’t forget to make one of those emails specifically designed for your segmented lists! 

Tip 5: Make It Personal

Our last tip is short and sweet and an old-school goody that has stood the test of time. Personalize your emails! That’s right, simply adding your readers’ names to your email content can greatly improve your CTR. 

Why? Because in a world where everything is standardized and impersonal, seeing our names on an email makes us feel noticed! 

The email marketing platform you use will most likely have an automated process for inputting names into emails, so you barely have to lift a finger for this tip! 

Want To Improve Your Email Marketing CTR And Grow Your Business? Contact Musselwhite Marketing Today! 

Whether you’re an insurance agency, realtor, or home services contractor, we’ve got the strategies you need to increase your online presence and grow your business. 

To learn more about Musselwhite Marketing and how we can help you with all your digital marketing needs, schedule a discovery call today! 
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Based on how they took a business from $400,000 (IN DEBT) to over $1,000,000 in bid work in 60-days he wrote:

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