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Elance Benefits for Business

According to Wikipedia Elance was initially developed as a technology for supporting virtual work. In just two short years Elance introduced a vendor management system (VMS) for contractors and third-party services used by large enterprises.

In the past, freelancers were hired to help businesses control payroll costs. Now, businesses are hiring freelancers to fill skill gaps. Today businesses large and small can reap the benefits of online freelancers and virtual teams.

Watch this video to learn how online freelancers and virtual employees can help you grow your business. Also get your promo link for $50 off.

Susan Arete, SoCal Small Business Specialist and Elance City Manager states “Whether you are a business or an independent professional providing services, Elance strives to give you all the tools you need to hire great talent and take on interesting work.”

Let The Numbers Tell the Real Story

Elance surveyed over 1,500 businesses around the world and published the following data…

  • 84% of businesses said that hiring online gives them an advantage over competitors.
  • 45% of businesses look to freelancers to expand into new markets.
  • On average, survey respondents predict 54% of their workforce will be online in five years.
  • Half of businesses are hiring freelancers for long-term commitments.

The three highest ranked benefits to SOHO’s (small office / home office) and SMB’s (small to midsize businesses) are: cost savings, faster time-to-hire, and access to talent not otherwise available. Talent online can be better than or equal to what’s available locally.

Leveraging online workers to do work that you would have done yourself or not done at all allows SOHO’s and SMB’s to scale your business with a few clicks and compete in areas and projects that in the past you would have had to take a pass on.

Elance is where savvy businesses get lots of great work done fast and affordably. Flexibility and cost savings combined with milestones and Elance escrow makes Elance a strong and safe alternative worth considering for your next project.

We’ve used Elance freelancers for one off projects as short as a few hours and ongoing monthly projects lasting over a year. The online freelance skill set is not just for code anymore, we were blown away to find freelance support (literally hundreds) in:

  • IT & Programming
  • Writing & Translation
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administration
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Finance & Management
  • Legal
  • Click here for the complete list

We have an affinity for Infographics. Blogs today just don’t feel complete without one so… (Elance is now UpWork and this infographic is no longer available).

Elance is also for anyone who wants to do great work and enjoy a great lifestyle. Be your own boss while choosing the jobs you want and work the you want.

As strategic growth consultants we focus on helping you grow a successful business. We’ve been in the trenches. We know what’s working, what isn’t and what’s coming!

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