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common mistakes made in real estate blogging

3 Common Mistakes Made In Real Estate Blogging

As a real estate professional , it’s important to do everything you can to increase and improve your online presence in order to gain as many high-quality leads as possible. 

Being seen and recognized as a knowledgeable, dedicated, trustworthy and resourceful agent in your area is how you find your success! It all comes down to utilizing the right real estate content marketing!

One of the best ways to improve your online presence is through blogging. Blogging is a great way to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the industry you work in and allows visitors to gain helpful insight about your business and the industry itself. 

Blogs can be full of helpful information, tips and tricks, what to do and not to do when looking for homes, and much more. 

They also help you promote your business because you can post them practically anywhere as an advertisement to read your blog and view your website! 

Even if people aren’t looking for a real estate agent right now, they could l remember the articles they read and recognize the name when they are searching for reputable real estate agents in the area! 

Let’s talk about blog posts. If you have a blog (or if you are just getting started) this article will help you learn about the most common mistakes made in real estate blogging and how to avoid them! 

Mistake #1: Not Utilizing SEO To Its Fullest Potential

Search Engine Optimization can be your best friend and provide you with the ultimate coverage when it comes to showing up on the search result pages. Blogs are a great way for Google and search engines to recognize that your website is current, and frequently updated. 

When you write a blog you want to insert keywords or phrases that help search engines place your information in the right locations. You want to receive a high SEO score (like a test) which tells you that you have high-quality content the search engine algorithms will LOVE. 

You find keywords by: 

  • Relevant information – real estate agent, home buying
  • Local wording – real estate agent in Southern California, buying a home in Dallas
  • Keyword research and analysis – Utilizing search and analysis tools to see what users are searching for 
  • Looking at commonly used phrases that people search for online – “Steps to buying a home”

Keywords and phrases are most useful in titles, links, and thoughtfully placed throughout your blog. 

mistakes made in real estate blogging

Mistake #2: Posting Inconsistently

Remember what we said above about how the search engines love to see updated and relevant content? Well if you have a blog and you haven’t blogged in a few months or longer, you’ll lose that great traction you gained when you did blog consistently. 

As a matter of fact an old mentor of ours (passed away a few years ago) was a guy who liked to read Google patents (crazy I know). Anyway, he once shared that his research and due diligence led him to conclude if you are not publishing a new blog at least every 14 days your content was considered stale. OUCH!!! I have no reason NOT to believe him but at the same time have seen good results from just 1 blog per month. This was our experience with a client in relation to their competitors. This may be true or not in your market.

So, try to aim for at least 2 high-quality, SEO filled blogs per month to help you keep your place on the search engines and show users who search for specific keywords that you are the go-to for everything real estate! 

Mistake #3: Information Overload

When you are an expert in something it is easy to get carried away talking or writing about that specific topic. 

Blogs are meant to be concise, helpful, resourceful, and insightful snippets of information. Long blogs that have no organization and are packed with information can lead to overwhelm and a desire to NOT read or continue reading past the first few paragraphs. 

A great way to avoid this mistake is to choose a clear topic, utilize headings to break up the sections, utilize lists (as you see here) and even add in bulleted lists, bolded statements or statistics to help break up the monotony of the paragraphs. 

This is a visual tool that helps to keep readers subconsciously engaged in your blog. Their brain recognizes that it isn’t overwhelmed because they can identify the different sections and compartmentalize it! 

The best blogs are between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Make sure to be mindful of those numbers when you are writing! 

Need More Help Avoiding Common Mistakes Made In Real Estate Blogging? Partner With Musselwhite Today! 

Blogging can be fun, but it is also a major influence on your online presence. This can make the task of blogging daunting and overwhelming if you aren’t an expert in that specific area. 

Let Musselwhite Marketing assist you with your SEO and blog needs. We understand the intricate inner workings of how blogs rank, what topics to use and how to best promote your business online. 

We also offer a suite of other services for you to take advantage of for ultimate and optimal online presence. 

Read our latest article regarding Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads For Contractors for helpful information on using digital advertising platforms. 

To learn more about Musselwhite Marketing continue to read our articles, check out our website and services and follow us on social media! 
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