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Musselwhite Marketing ClickUp The Project Management Difference

ClickUp – the Project Management Difference

Because it took our digital marketing agency 6 months to assess and finally choose ClickUp as our project management platform, we thought we’d write a blog on how and why to use ClickUp in your business.

By the nature of their business, digital marketing agencies need to create and keep track of large volumes of content, some sensitive (i.e. account passwords) for different projects. Without a good and secure system for managing, projects can spiral out of control and end up being late or lost altogether. And if not secure, your business (maybe personal) data could be compromised as well. This is why good project management platform is so crucial, not just for digital marketing, but for any organization or team that needs to complete high quality and safe projects on time.

Good project management software such as ClickUp helps agencies organize content, assign tasks, and set deadlines. The utility it provides is especially beneficial to remote teams like ours. On a side note, we went virtual back in 2010 and have grown a fully remote global team ever since. Our modest team manages a massive remote team of more than 400 people with our ClickUp ap!

A good project management software such as ClickUp is flexible while keeping employees accountable and connected via deadlines, task management and workload analysis. It also consolidates communication and provides a virtual place to brainstorm ideas, which is much more efficient than sifting through endless pages of split thread emails!

Project Management in The Digital Age

In the context of a digital marketing agency, project management will involve the creation and organization of content. It is therefore not surprising that a plethora of tools have been developed for project management in the digital age. The first of which is email.

Email is an ubiquitous communication tool within organizations, and arguably one of the most important communication tools of the twenty-first century. Many companies adopt it because it is familiar and flexible, but how does it fare as a tool for project management? On the surface, it may seem perfectly viable. It is possible to perform all the necessary functions of project management with email, but they can become disorganized and overwhelming without proper management. 

The asynchronous nature of email and the potential disorganization of it led to the development of better tools. For example: an important hallmark of project management is tracking progress. There is not an expedient way to do this with email. Instead, one would have to CC everyone working on the project and provide asynchronous updates, which each individual team member would have to keep track of. With software it is possible to host a visual representation of progress such as a task list on a web page that all team members can view and the project lead can update. This eliminates clutter in everyone’s inboxes and provides every team member with a more concrete representation of the work that needs to be done. Good project management software builds on simple features like this by enabling:

• Dynamic prioritization of tasks
• Delegation of tasks
• Productivity tools for team members
• Deadline tracking and updating
• Calendar synchronization
• Workload analysis
• Accountability and availability tracking

It might be technically possible to perform those functions with email, but it is impractical. Anyone who has tried to do complex project management can attest to the stress of constantly checking and sending emails throughout a workday. More often than not, they become an unnecessary distraction.

Investing in Client Security With ClickUp

One of the most important advantages of using dedicated project management is security. Though emails can be encrypted, they can also be shared. There is also a large volume of emails, which makes it easy to mishandle secure information. Project management software allows for the securing of the entire work environment. Of course not all software is created equal, which is why we chose ClickUp. ClickUp makes security a priority and is transparent about the measures it takes. Here is a list of what we believe makes ClickUp a worthwhile investment in our client’s security.

1. Encryption and environment security

ClickUp’s services are fully encrypted with AES-256 and 256 bit SSL. They also use Single Sign-On (SSO) and two-factor authentication. In their secured environment they employ a firewall, strict access and monitoring protocols and more. This makes their service far more secure than email and many other project management platforms.

2. Management of identity and access

ClickUp leverages Google’s authentication suite to manage login attempts to its systems. They use two factor authentication and require logins to be made from secured devices. For access to data such as email web browsers and extensions are regulated. Role based access is also utilized to ensure that user accounts only have access to the data and functions they need and nothing more.

3. Classification and organization of data

Data is organized into a strict hierarchy of privacy from confidential to public. This makes it easier to process the data in a secure manner and prevent leaks. The use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storage ensures a secure infrastructure.

4. Employee and workplace management

The most secure infrastructure cannot protect against irresponsible or malicious personnel, which is why ClickUp considers its workplace culture and environment an important pillar of its security. Employees are trained and provided the proper resources to keep their desks secure and clean. This includes reporting unattended devices and unknown or suspicious behavior. Employees are made aware that they are an important and valuable asset to ClickUp’s security, which is an important hallmark of digital security. 

5. SOC 2 Compliance

ClickUp adheres to the five trust principles required to achieve SOC 2 certification: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. In order for organizations to achieve compliance they must be assisted by an auditor. This means that ClickUp is confirmed by an outside source with a trustworthy pedigree.

What Sets ClickUp Apart?

ClickUp is not the only secure platform, but we believe it is the right one for us because of its unique integration and implementation of the tools needed for project management. They consolidate all of the apps that we need into one platform. These include:
• Spreadsheets
• Documents
• Notes
• Task Management
• Databases
• Brainstorming
• Calendars
• Messaging
• Automation

Not only to they consolidate our apps, they consolidate them well. ClickUp emphasizes design and the user experience, which makes their product performant and a delight to use. A part of this user  experience is the ability to customize each part of the workflow from mind mapping to task management.

ClickUp also goes a step further by providing unique features that compliment their integrated environment. This includes features like real time collaborative editing, a task tray for docking active tasks, a personal notepad for each team member, task linking and automatic tagging, a pomodoro timer, Gantt charts and more. Combined with their flexible API, ClickUp can be adapted to any organization and workflow. A good example of this is ClickUp’s integration with our ticketing system, which enables us to respond to clients efficiently.

Another important feature that we believe makes a big difference for our clients is guest access. This allows us to invite guests to view task lists and folders. The process is secure and access is strictly controlled so that we can collaborate safely with guests while still providing them with ClickUp’s productivity tools. This feature is a great addition to the public sharing options when we need to work more closely with a client.

The Origins Of Project Management

As long as there have been projects there has been project management. Whether it be large-scale projects like constructing a bridge, or personal projects like blog posts. Every individual or group that has to complete a task must employ tools and skills in order to manage the project. Some of these skills might be obvious, such as time management, but more complex projects involving larger groups require sophisticated communication and supervision.

Project management has always been practiced in various forms throughout history, but it was utilized more formally by engineers. The failures of bad planning when working on a bridge are much more visible and extreme, so it is no surprise that formal techniques for planning originated within construction and engineering. By the middle of the 1950s, project management in its current form was developed for various corporations and organizations, including the U.S. Navy. Some areas of expertise encompassed by modern project management include:

• Quality assurance
• Task planning
• Risk assessments
• Resource budgeting
• Time management
• Employee supervision

Project management is defined by the Project Management Institute as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.” Whatever the project is, it is almost always temporary because it has a beginning and a projected end and five stages:

  1. initiation
  2. planning
  3. execution
  4. monitoring
  5. and closing.

It is especially important for professional agencies to complete the project on budget and on schedule. In the context of marketing, project management involves applying tools for the purpose of organizing and delegating work so that the goals are met within the planned time-frame. Fast forward to the digital age where productivity is at a premium and it becomes clear why project management is more important than ever.

ClickUp is an important component of our success and reliability. Whether it be website designcontent creation, email campaigns, ads, or social media strategies, ClickUp helps us stay on time and consistent. If you want to see for yourself by working with a marketing agency that will listen to you and deliver on-time, high quality content with security and transparency, schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session. Ask about our use of ClickUp for project management and how it contributes to our work for you!

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