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7 Pillars Marketing Tech Stack

7 Pillars Tech Stack - Musselwhite Marketing

Are you looking for the right technology to make your business more efficient and profitable? We have the answer for you. 7 Pillars Marketing Tech Stack has everything you need to help increase your company’s efficiency and profitability.

What is Tech Stack?

A tech stack combines technologies a company can use to build and maintain an application, website, or project. A reliable tech stack has two elements: the front end and the back end.

The front end is designed with the client in mind. It is what your clients will see when they use the website or application. It comprises the graphics, buttons, and how the site interacts with the user. The front end focuses on how your clients will see your business on a computer screen. You have the freedom to decide how you want to represent your business and your ideals.

The back end deals with how your site or application works and supports the inner workings of the application or site.

7 Pillars System

The 7 Pillars system is a marketing and advertising platform designed for insurance agents, home service contractors, and high-end realtors. This incredible tech stack system will capture message leads through voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, Facebook messenger, and more.

With this system, you can manage your client relationships, automate your sales processes, and increase your lead generation. The 7 Pillars System was designed to save money, time and effort.

What Can 7 Pillars System Do?

The 7 Pillars System was designed to meet the needs of its clients, and it offers everything you need in one convenient system.

Sales Funnels 

You can use the 7 Pillars System to create converting sales funnels quickly. You can design the perfect sales funnel for your business with a few clicks with our convenient and easy-to-use templates or create your own.

An excellent converting sales funnel will encourage your customers to interact with your website. You can study their journey on your website and make changes that will support more sales.


You can quickly build a website with this system and connect a domain to it. You can create a website that your company will be proud of. The 7 Pillars system can help you create a simple website or one that is more involved.

You will become an expert at making a website that represents your company. The 7 Pillars System can help the most technologically challenged business owner. Our system will guide you through each phase.

Landing Pages

The 7 Pillars System will allow you to create spectacular landing pages. We all know that landing pages are the most critical web pages because that is where you need to hook your customer. Your landing page must sell your product or service. Once a potential client has found your landing page, you don’t want them to leave without buying your product or service.

You will be able to design your landing pages around specific offers and incentives. Your landing page should have a call to action that your clients will not be able to refuse.


You will benefit from the client relationship management system. Our CRM system allows you to foster your relationship with customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers. You can use this system to find new clients or maintain loyal ones. Businesses will be able to track their interactions with clients and colleagues.

You will be astounded by the benefits of a CRM. Your company will be much more organized. By tracking your interactions, you will be able to determine how best to allocate your resources, making your business much more efficient and profitable.


The 7 Pillars System helps you become a scheduling expert. You can schedule appointments and build your calendar, which will help you better manage your time and projects. You can create a calendar that you can share with clients and colleagues. You can integrate your calendar into your sales funnels where clients can connect with you when needed.

Call Tracking 

This system will allow you to track all calls and organize them efficiently.

Email Marketing

You can design automated email marketing campaigns that will streamline your advertising. You will be able to track the results from your campaigns that will help you plan further steps in your marketing plan.

SMS Marketing 

The 7 Pillars System lets you take advantage of the fact that almost everyone has a cell phone these days. You can design an SMS marketing campaign to reach many potential customers quickly. You can choose the time for your messages to go out, so you don’t inconvenience possible clients by sending texts in the middle of the night.

Benefits of the 7 Pillars System

Insurance agents, high-end realtors, and home service contractors will benefit from the 7 Pillars System because it has everything in one place. They can manage client relationships, calendars, advertising and marketing, and much more.

This system has everything in one location instead of using several different platforms. This all-in-one business solution helps you with reputation management reviews, email marketing, contact management, billing, project management, reporting, and access to third-party apps.

Your company will enjoy increased profits by collecting information about how your customers interact with the site and how they progress to their final purchase. This information will allow you to streamline your sales process, leading to more sales.

Another great benefit of the 7 Pillars System is a streamlined inbox. You will never miss a customer message using the dedicated business inbox. 

You can forget about trying to keep up to date on numerous communication channels like Facebook messenger, Google chat, etc. You can relax knowing that all messages will be coming to your inbox.

Final Thoughts

Every business owner wants their business to operate in the most efficient way possible. The 7 Pillars System gives you all the tools to help organize your business. The system will allow you to manage your time and resources efficiently. The 7 Pillars System will ease your stress and help maximize your resources.

Find out more about our 7 Pillars System by contacting us for a Discovery Session to see if it’s a good fit for your business!

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