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Strategy Session

What’s a Strategy Session?

Our 30 minute strategy sessions are highly focused virtual meetings (typically Zoom video call). We’ll identify your online marketing challenges and opportunities and the actions you can start implementing immediately. Every session is confidential and custom to you and your business.

Who’s our Strategy Sessions for?


Our online marketing strategy sessions are geared for Businesses with a product, a service or a message to share with others. Our strategy sessions are more like a “Mini Marketing plan” in that we’ll discuss a list of todo’s that we, you, your team or others can implement to Increase and Improve Your Online Visibility and Search Results.

Prior to your session we will review your online assets and profiles (website, social media and systems) to mimic your “User Experience” and come to the call prepared for a productive meeting! Your mini marketing plan will save you time, effort and money on at least one marketing strategy.

What we discuss and how you spend the time on the call is entirely up to you, but it is required that you complete the strategy session form (right ⇒) to have the most productive session possible and get the most out of your call.

How does a Strategy Session work?

  • Create an automated and timed responses for new subscribers
  • Build customer surveys and polls
  • Create your campaigns in newsletter form
  • Help you establish a professional image
  • Set up your account (if needed)
  • Execute campaign actions from start to finish
  • Upload images to your gallery
  • Create an online sign-up form to automatically build your subscriber list

First, fill out our confidential form [right ⇒], which notifies us that you’re ready for your meeting. We will email reply usually within two business days (once our research and due diligence is complete). We’ll set up the time to meet (virtually), and then you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on your virtual meeting.

Musselwhite Marketing Discovery Session

We look forward to putting our heads together with you and coming up with some ideas for your mini marketing plan!


"I needed help creating a Marketing Strategy to reach people outside my LinkedIn network of close contacts. Having recently heard Charles and Linda give a workshop about LinkedIn Company pages, and having seen their enthusiasm and style firsthand, I knew I needed to consult with them about my new business venture. The results on the strategy session were significant to me and included an overall Strategy for my business that really made sense, given the market I am trying to reach. On another note, it is a challenge to get anything significant done in a 30 minute phone conference, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find Charles and Linda fully prepared. I felt like part of a Team already in the ‘Norming’ stage of performance. The experience was very professional."

John G

"I needed help with Advertising, Brainstorming, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and a Marketing Strategy. My session with Linda and Charles was very focused and specific. They had great information and ideas that can be implemented immediately."

Marty A
Agency Owner

"I needed help with Blogging, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO, and Website Design. Linda & Charles were very thorough in researching my business. Our brainstorming session was very helpful because they identified several areas I can focus on to improve my marketing, and clearly laid out a strategy to achieve my goals".

Todd P
Agency Owner

"I needed to increase the flow of income for my business. Linda and Charles provided tons of useful information, much of which I never would have thought of on my own. I’m excited to start implementing their suggestions and recommendations! I feel I received Massive education! Linda and Charles are a wealth of information. I enjoyed working Linda and Charles on their complimentary strategy session. They were easy to understand, easy to talk to and were good at listening. I was completely satisfied at the end of the call."

Deborah J

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