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3 Ways Real Estate Social Media Ads Can Help You Connect

real estate social media ads

As a real estate agent, you want to promote your business online as much as possible and connect with as many people in your target market as possible as well.  

In today’s world, there are so many different real estate digital marketing strategies and tactics that can be utilized, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones are worth the time and investment! How can you be sure which strategies are the most valuable and effective? 

Well, as digital marketing experts ourselves, we believe that one of the most highly effective digital marketing tools you can utilize is the power of social media ads. Leveraging social media to benefit your business is also part of our 7 pillars of digital marketing for real estate agents! 


Because you’re meeting people in a community-like environment and providing informative, valuable, and relevant content to people who are looking for the services you offer! 

When there is a platform that almost 4 billion people (aka, half of the planet) use every single day, you are sure to reach a huge chunk of your target audience. 

So let’s talk about a few ways real estate social media ads can help you connect and grow your business! 

Increase Brand Awareness

When someone can easily recognize your picture or logo, that is a huge step in the right direction of increasing brand awareness and growing your business! The more you positively market your business, the more recognizable your brand will be. So the moment someone needs a real estate agent, what pops into their mind? Your brand! 

This is actually such a profound benefit that it has been shown that social media drives 3x more traffic for non-customers than customers! This means that people who have never used or been involved in your business before are finding you through social media ads! 

real estate social media ads

Increase Your Leads

Increasing leads and building your customer base is one of your main goals, right? If not, you should be taking another look at your business goals! 

Social media advertising allows you to run specific campaigns that can be detailed down to the age, location radius, interests, needs, and even salary level of the market you are targeting.  

This not only optimizes your ad spend but puts you in the eyes of the people who are most likely going to click on your ad and continue through the funnel process! 

Improves Visibility

You don’t just have to use social media ads for specific targeted campaigns.  When you have a well-rounded social media advertising strategy, you will find that you use social media ads for a multitude of reasons.  

Part of building brand awareness is connecting with clients and users on the platform.  You need to show them you are more than just a product, but a knowledgeable resource (and the best) resource in your industry! 

You can use social media ads to promote helpful content that describes the best types of loans, what amenities are popular in homes, and how to find the best contractor for your services. 

It’s all about going back to the first point, which is building brand awareness, which builds trust and connection! 

Want To Learn More About The Ways Real Estate Social Media Advertising Can Help You Connect And Grow? See Musselwhite Marketing Today! 

If you are ready to boost your online presence and grow your business by using real estate social media advertising, it’s time to schedule a discovery call today! 

We have helped real estate professionals like you take their businesses to the next level by utilizing personalized and proven digital marketing strategies. 

We also work with insurance agencies and contractors as well to get their digital presence to the level it needs to be! 

Our most recent article discusses SEO Tips For Insurance Agencies In 2022, but it can be helpful and insightful for your business as well! You can never have enough resources! 
To learn more about Musselwhite Marketing, we encourage you to continue reading our blogs, reviewing our services, and following us on social media!

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