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Elijah Shoesmith, Client Account Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

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Hootsuite Certified Professional

Elijah Shoesmith Hootsuite Certified Professional

DigitalMarketer Certifications

Social Media Specialist

About Elijah

Graduating from college as a returning student gave Elijah a new appreciation for the ongoing pursuit of education, and created mentorship opportunities.  This has suited him well in the digital marketing arena, as he’s continued to steadily grow through certifications in the various areas of the industry.  

Having previously worked in the healthcare and retail sectors, Elijah brings close to two decades of work experience.  Surviving a childhood bout with cancer, Elijah views our clients as more than simply a number, but rather individually as people.  Excellence and attention to detail, with a client-centric mentality, are what he brings to each interaction and project.  

Under the mentorship of Charles & Linda Musselwhite, Elijah continues to challenge himself in ways to improve his marketing acumen and further the business goals of Musselwhite Marketing’s clients.  

Whether it’s content writing, SEO, or customer service, you will receive the expertise that is synonymous with Musselwhite Marketing.  Elijah looks forward to working with you!  

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