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7 Pillars of Digital Marketing for Insurance Agencies

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Should Your Business Implement Digital Marketing?

Successful Digital Marketing starts with a plan and your goals. Implementing Digital Marketing is all the things you do to get your name, business, brand, products and services in front of your target audience at the precise moment they are ready to buy (not necessarily when you want to sell).

Digital marketing in its most elementary sense is the promotion of you, your business, your brand, your products and your services via one or more forms of electronic media (website, social media, video, etc…).

With the proliferation of user comfort online and their turning away from outdated (direct mail, radio, Yellow Pages advertising, etc…) forms of marketing, businesses today can benefit tremendously by implementing a Digital Marketing strategy.


While there are as many marketing strategies as there are marketers, there are 7 pillars of Digital Marketing that are foundational to your success online. Don’t be mislead by all the shiny object strategies or by empty promises of overnight success from some marketers.

A solid Digital Marketing plan should start with a 12-18 month content calendar that will be used like a map and a decision guide. Your plan will tell you where you are in relation to where you want to be and as a sounding board determining what to do.

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